1. peebuck

    Swapping out lower end of crank case

    hey hey moto monsters I’m resorting a 78 E. I needed to replace the crank case long story short the kick start ripped off the bike.... So I have a used crank case fresh outa the oven gloss black. I’m swapping the trans out of the old unit into the new one. I was able to run through the gears...
  2. 1982xs400

    Fourth gear chatters !!

    Fourth gear hard to replace...?? split case or replace from clutch side ?? . replace all gears?? thanks
  3. IanW

    Gear Selector Drum Damage?

    I am starting a rebuild on a motor with about 30K kms. I noticed that the gear selector drum shows some discoloration at one end. It looks consistent with overheating, which is odd because this drum does not rotate much. There is a small amount of end-play in the assembly which I assume is...
  4. B

    Gear selector sticking

    Working on a 1977 XS400 and the drum follower pins (22) aren't reliably following. They seem to retract too far into the shift forks (20) and end up jamming on the gear change drum (1). Nothing looks excessively worn and is otherwise fine, as far as I can tell. Also, how is it possible to...
  5. D

    Only four gears... that's not right

    This 1982 XS400 Maxim only has four gears. 1 down, neutral, 2 up, 3, 4, ... No fifth. Too bad, it could use a fifth gear for speeds over 50. At first we just shrugged and accepted this, but now that I read up this definitely seems wrong. The Maxim is a five-speed, yes? (unlike other XS400s...
  6. A

    Need help with gear shift mechanism

    Hi guys, Progress has been somewhat slow on the XS of late. I am having an issue with the gear selection, so wouldn't mind your thoughts. I re-installed the gears and joined the crankcases, then tested the gear change. The selector pawls don't engage the pins in the change drum. So, when I...
  7. A

    Basic transmission question re neutral

    Hi folks, I'd appreciate a confirmation or clarification of my understanding of when neutral is selected on the shift drum. As per the manual, I rotated it five times anti-clockwise and then back one position. That took the detent plunger up and over the smaller depression shown below. Is...
  8. Taintedsaiden

    No neutral

    Hello all; today I leave my first post, for my first motorcycle, about one week and three drops after my first ride. My ride: '82 SX400 Maxim. I have no idea how many miles because the speedo/tach does not work. This sucker is a beater though, so a great bike for me to learn on. That said...
  9. I

    Only runs for 15mins

    howdy, I'm very confused! For some reason my 79 Xs400 will only run for about 15min. Just enough time for my mechanic to ride it around the block a couple times come back and tell me it runs fine. Then when I get on it after a couple laps it dies whenever I put the clutch in. At first I...
  10. L

    Does my 1980 XS400 Special have 6 gears?!?!

    I know, this is dumb, but you have no idea the lengths that I've gone to to find this out. Last stop... Every site online says that the 1980 Yamaha XS400 Special is indeed a 6 speed. The dumby stamp on the tranny cover plate indeed says 6 speed. But, I do not have it, can't shift into it. I...