1. Carl Cooper

    1980-- Rear end too low?

    Hi folks- I'm rebuilding a 1980 Special... It's a disaster-- no wiring harness, lots of pieces missing, etc... Would love to hear your opinions/recommendations.. It's got spec wheels (18' front + 16" rear). 3.0-18 tire in the front (also spec) but a 100/80-16 in the rear (spec is 120/90-16)...
  2. volcomskater77

    19" dual disc alternative

    Hey y'all, so my buddy and I were doing the exhaust on my chop last night and started talking about front end swap options for his CB700sc. Got me thinking about wheel options for mine, so I started digging into 19" 7 spoke mags on the front of my chop. I'll be going with the 80-81 xs850 front...
  3. E

    For Sale - Sr500 wheels and rd350 spoked rear wheel

    I have for sale a pair of sr500 wheels, disc front, drum back for sale in the UK, I've listed them on eBay before the thinking about offering them here. Item number 273555115509. I originally planned to try and fit them to my xs400 as they were wider but looked the same as the standard wheels...
  4. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Special Part Out

    Will ship any part just send me a zip code and I can get a quote. Bike was running when the motor was pulled, all parts should be in working order. What is pictured is what parts I have, the only things not in the photo are the exhaust and carburetor. Name a reasonable price for the part you'd...
  5. K

    Polish Mags

    Has anyone polished the XS mags? They are pretty rough cast would need lot of sanding, and being so small have a lot of hard to get to areas.
  6. Flagg

    question on rear tire sizes...?

    i cant seem to find the answer online, if anyone has an answer, or a link to the proper thread, please inform me. my 81 xs400 rear wheel is 16x2.15 and the current tire on the rim is 120/90/16 all the tires i can mostly find in that size range say that the recommended rim width is 3.00...
  7. Firestone

    Wheel diameter differences when using a wider rim

    Does anyone know how much rim width affects the height of a tire? For example if using the same 4.00 tire on a 18x2.15 and 18x1.85 rim, means that the wheel with 2.15 rim is smaller in diameter right?
  8. 8

    Missing rear brake, drum or disc?

    I Hey, just got this old barn find home and got the engine idling last week so I'm going to go ahead and try a rebuild. The bike has no rear wheel, chain or brake tho. I need to figure out what kind of brake it is set up for disc or drum. The front has a disc on it so can I assume the rear was...
  9. smurfy71

    Changing Wheel Bearings

    So the past couple rides I have heard a whining noise coming from the front end. I believe it is from the front tire and likely either the wheel bearing or the speed sensor. I have ordered new bearings, is there any tricks I should know for replacing them? Any special tools? Or is this pretty...
  10. E

    16" drum rear wheel

    I'm not sure whether this is the correct place for my post. But here goes. My sons XS250 build is tantalizing close, but as you fellow builders will know things tend to conspire against you at this stage.My latest issue is the drum of the rear wheel is out of true resulting in the brake pedal...
  11. stephen2us

    uneven chain tension, one half tight, one half loose????

    Hi.. new to the forum and to bikes in general. I am doing some minor things to the xs400 special II i got, and while cleaning the chain to later lubricate it, I was checking the tension. half of the lower chain is about 3/4 (good) slack, but when I rotated the back tire, the other lower half...
  12. W

    Quick question: mspoke to mag swap

    I have a 81 xs400h rear spoke drum wheel. I found a rear mag wheel off a 400s. Will everything swap over? Rear drums and axle? Thanks
  13. S

    Reassemble front tier xs400

    I have reinstalled my front tier. But to align it right I released the two bolts that clamp on the spindle bar. When I did this the fork came back away from the tire hub. Is that correct or not. If not what is the procedure?? THANKS FOR ANY HELP:confused:
  14. V

    How Speedometer Works and what Goes Wrong

    Hello everyone, i have a 1980 xs400 special 2 (wire wheels and drums front and back) and just today my speedo started acting sporadically, then died on me. I pushed the bike around in neutral and with the cable removed and could see that the cable was not spinning, sometimes getting a few...
  15. Requiem

    Can anyone recognize this XS rear hub?

    Hey guys/gals, Someone is offering this rear (spoke) hub on the Dutch version of craigslist but has no clue what yamaha xs this hub came off. Questions regarding hubsize remain unanswered, which is why I'm asking you lot if you can recognize what yamaha xs this hub came off :D Thanks for...
  16. W

    new member

    I just picked a xs400g as a project and was wondering if parts from a xs250 would exchange? I'm thinking about a disk front conversion and have located xs250 fwith all the parts I need, if this will work....
  17. F

    Where to buy tyres

    Anyone know where you can buy trail tyres for the xs in Europe? 18 inch front rim 16 inch rear rim. I've been looking for hours with no joy! Thanks for your help!
  18. G

    Rear wheel spacer confusion (XS250)

    So I'm replacing the bearings on the rear wheel of my XS250 (drum rear) and I'm finding myself kind of stumped as to just what is meant to be holding the spacer that goes inside the wheel in place. I can't help thinking I'm missing something because from what I can see, all that is holding it...
  19. jordi

    New rims

    Hello, I'm planing to change rims on my seca 84 http://i.imgur.com/vbAlEDF.jpg with this older model ones http://s401.photobucket.com/user/KirkN_photos/media/Yamaha05b81xs400Jul02.jpg.html will they fit or do I need to do some modifications first? Also if anyone is selling pair of...
  20. C

    Replacement cycle and maintenance of tires

    Replacement cycle tire recommendation 30,000 ~ 40,000 km to be replaced, of course, due to the different driving habits, often take a different road, the replacement cycle is relatively will change. 20,000 km owner is best to do a wheel alignment, calibration-wheel data, ensure the normal use of...