1982 Maxim 400


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San Leandro, Ca
Bought it for $400 as a *torn down broken garbage stripped (but not salvaged)

piece of s*** Yamaha's version of the Nighthawk back in 1982, its called a Yamaha

XS400J or XJ400 Maxim

In the middle of restoration, i rode it around with a grey tank and a fluorescent

green monster energy logo hand stencilled to either side of the tank. and when I

got the bike.... (just to remind you for $400 and its a 1982 YAMAHA) it came with a

2002 CBR 1000 RR custom long seat ZIP TIED to the frame.along with a make shift

brake light coat hangered to the seat. and the license plate bailing wired to the


People pretty much knew me everywhere just based on the monster logo alone but

ESPECIALLY because in transition to actually restoring / bobbing it, ( the

decision was bobbing instead of cafe because the tank is diagonal as opposed to

horizontal and I think it would have looked ridiculous) anyway... I had to secure

the CBR seat with a 2x4 and wire straps to the frame... it was all that I had at

the time and it was surprisingly secure... minus the fact that it is a seesaw when

not being ridden.... I was also know for this particular trait.

I also had no fenders so, no rainy days... found that out early

the fuse box of the wire harness appeared to be draped over the back tire when i

started my test ride in the rain....

"you break it you buy it" occurred to me during the ride.... it stalled out for

some unknown reason... but i was able to start it back up, he claimed bad

battery... I realized i ground the insulation off all the wires in the harness in

that particular region of the wire harness. so when i got it home, before even

getting to ride it, i had to relocate the "fuse box" and do some seriously legit

re-wiring.. luckily i have a natural electrical engineer talent.
pretty convenient if you ask me...

BUT, the engine is F****** FLAWLESS,
and i think minus a couple of small cosmetic things the bike is pretty much

perfect, the seat was hand made, the side panels were hand made, Tires put on by

hand, etc, etc, etc. OH and the gas tank was dented to HELL, 4 days of bondo and

400 grit wet sand paper,

no filters on carburetor except metal screen door material (previous owner had air

pods on it instead of the OE air filter but the pods fell off on my first real ride

because they were the wrong size) went up 4 jet sizes....went from top speed of 64

to a top speed of 90 and its a perfect fuel to air mixture and is not too hot or

too cool for the engine or the carb here in the bay area of california

Monster logo days:
hard to see but 2x4 under CBR seat

The coveted logo(more dents on the left which is why i took the picture from the right)

YAY wrong size air pods

in progress

told you I made the seat


here's the current


on my 21st birthday, he pulled up and didn't give us a ticket.... this is illegal in this city btw...

I'm done.... :)

I'll never get rid of it
i'll buy another bike and have 2 ... never getting rid of it... :shrug::banghead::bike: