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For Sale - 1982 Yamaha XS400RJ Seca, Many Nice Customizations

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by robindean, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. robindean

    robindean XS400 Addict

    22k Miles. $1300 for FORUM MEMBERS ONLY. Craigslist Ad (photos) - http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/mcy/4615957033.html

    I’m an intermediate rider of five years. This was my first bike. I’ve done a lot to make it better and remedied my own mechanical mistakes along the way. Honestly, I’ve put more into this bike than one should. That’s just sort of how being a new rider goes when you love your bike :)

    The Good:

    - ridden regularly, never left to sit for more than two weeks
    - valves checked and in good standing
    - 3 month old iridium spark plugs
    - newer battery, only six months old
    - drilled out front brake rotor
    - “Fast from the Past” (.com) three-piece fork brace
    - Racetech fork springs
    - tinted Kawasaki KZ aftermarket bikini fairing with professionally matched paint work
    - LED signal, brake and license plate bulbs + replacement blinker (resistors not required)
    - Hot Grips (.com) heated grips with basic lo-off-hi handlebar switch
    - Emgo Napoleon bar end mirrors
    - 17t front sprocket (stock is 16t and I wanted lower RPMs while on the expressway)
    - standardized non-vacuum petcock with on/off/reserve settings
    - weatherproof smartphone mount + frame mounted USB power port
    - 45 degree external pumice/mineral based fuel filter with clear shell
    - pre-season fully synced carburetor
    - ATC blade fuse block replacement
    - custom removable/optional passenger backrest
    - newer chain with minimal mileage
    - Works Performance (.com) rear monoshock
    - Avon AM26 Roadrider tires: front two years with almost no tread loss, rear brand new minus chicken strips (I took it to a track day)
    - Athena gasket kit: some installed (no leaks!), others at the ready
    - digital format (PDF) complete factory shop/maintenance manual

    The Bad:

    While this bike’s never been downed at speed, I’ve dropped it twice … once in my garage and another when turning very slowly while applying the front brake (doh!). What can I say? I was a new rider during both instances and that was more than four years ago, so obviously she’s still more than functional. The damage isn’t obvious: left mirror casing slightly scraped, left exhaust pipe pin-sized ding.

    She’s definitely a clean bike with intact paint but the side plastics (by the seat) have taken some damage. The black dots on either side are vehicle plugs. The right side has a .5” x 2.5” bit missing that’s concealed by the seat. It also has a vinyl washer in place of a click-on connector that works reasonably well and is also visually concealed. I learned the hard way that they needed to be disconnected before removing the gas tank.

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