Anyone prefer original Buckhorns?


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I'm curious if anyone rides with the original buckhorns on their xs400.
Anybody got any insight into handling? Why do you like them better? What did you hate about them?
I have them on my 80, 81 and 82 sohc xs400 and love them. They are very easy on your hands, wrists and back. A few picks of the 81 and 82. I have seen a lot of people with them pulled WAY down where the grips almost hit the tank when you turn. That is the wrong position for them. They should be much higher.

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I tried them for a while when I first got my bike but they put my wrist at an uncomfortable angle. I also recently rode a friends 72 Honda 450, the bars are similar and I still didn't like them. I am 5'8" with short arms and wide shoulders which puts me lower on the seat than taller guys and I think that makes a difference also! By the way Chris, the green tank and side covers are "Killer!!!!!" I may have a repaint in my future!
I am 5'10 so not much taller. How the bars are set makes a big difference. My arms are almost straight out in front of me and my back is also straight. On the bike that is green (my 82) I put the stock black and chrome tank a covers back on. I still have the green setup but it is spare stuff if I ever need it.
I have the "buckhorns" on my bike. I'm 5'11 and have back problems, but I find the handlebars and seat position make it an overall comfortable bike to ride.
I'm somewhere between 6' and 6'1". I find the stock handlebars comfortable at slower speeds but once o get up to freeway speefs for a length of time I find myself wishing the handlebars were father forward and not bent almost parallel to each other. They make a person tend to sit upright which means lots of wind hitting the chest and head at faster speeds.
I have been up to 95mph with no issues. I have ridden about 7500 miles with these type bars so far and at first it's a bit weird but now it's no issue.
Yeah I mean I can do it , it's just not comfortable for me. for me it just isn't a solid position for fighting wind. I have ridden the bike for decent distances on the freeway and find myself wanting to lean forward into the wind which really puts my wrists and arms at an awkward angle. Mind you the bike in general feels like it could be scaled up 5% for me to feel comfortable and natural on it.
I'm 6'0" and the only thing I feel I need to change to make the stock bike comfortable, is to get straighter, lower bars. But, I think most of it comes to personal preference. I agree that they are okay for short rides (at any speed), but anything over 30 minutes puts stress on the wrists. I grew up with mx bikes, though, and the mx bars are just the epitome of comfort and control in my eyes.
I'd like a set of "Buckhorn" handlebars on my Maxim, but unfortunately, I have been unable to find any here in England! I have seen some up for sale on sites like fleabay, but these were in a poor condition, badly pitted chrome, and even three sets that were actually bent and twisted! I'm wondering if anyone know's where I could obtain a set of New bar's from somewhere?