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Aussie XS400 Bratty Tracker Build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jray, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    hey crush dont let me put you off you tank! Youre definitely right regarding the side view mug shot of the bike, you will rarely view a bike on this angle. I just think that a tear drop tank will suit my design best, and while I like the shape of my exisiting tank it is too "fat". A slimmer tank will also make more of a feature of the engine.

    Does anyone know what tank this might be? I really like its slim and sleek look. Ive been told possibly a TX? Maybe a GX?
  2. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop XS400 Junkie

  3. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    Mine is a 1981. Dont suppose you have any spares Porky? I need a left footpeg.

    Thats one sweet looking tank, but ouch, that would put my budget deep into the red!
  4. Hell, I think you could easily come out with that shape of tank just by cutting the bottom out of the stock "teardrop" tank, then welding a new tunnel and bottom into it. Just my two cents though!
  5. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    or get one made!

    I got one made for £150 out of steel, for alloy you can add lots more £'s
  6. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop XS400 Junkie

    Sorry Jray but I don't have many spares - I store my bike stuff in boxes in my bedroom so don't really hang on to anything that I wont use. Got a couple of left over new clutch plates, original airfilters, side covers but that is about it.

    I am getting ride of my Ace bars and going more tracker-ish with the set up. Wrists and back was killing me after a long ride the other day.

  7. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    It was worth asking Pork Chop, I broke mine while refiting it back to the bike, and I can only find them on USA ebay making them an exe purchase. Ive got a big box of spares so let me know if you ever need a stock item.

    I love cafe racers and my XS was originally heading this way, but they are everywhere here in Melbourne so ive since gone down the bratty tracker track. As a speed triple rider I also prefer the upright position....

    I reckon the tank weld option is the way to go. Ive got a few ideas, stay tuned.

    Does anyone else have tank recommendations? I dare say there are no bolt on options and the coils will most likely have to be relocated.
  8. CadXS

    CadXS XS400 Addict

    Jray, i tried a CB175 tank when I was going down a more street tracker route with mine. It has a nice side profile like the Bratstyle/Garage crew builds like your picture.


    Usual problem of remounting the coils and such....
  9. CadXS

    CadXS XS400 Addict

  10. MAn, I love the size-matched wheels on the bikes in that link! Some of them look like 21" wheels front and rear!!
  11. I agree with hardbottoms: if you have access to a mig/tig you could section and/or channel the stock behemoth down to get close to that nitro tank. Here is how I did my sporty:


    Caution: labor intensive! But the price is right and it will keep you out of the nudie bars for a few weeks:D.
  12. Hey jray;
    Great to see other Aussies on the site. Where in Oz are you. I may be able to help out with a 400 head. Let me know exactly what you require and I'll kick away some beer cans and have a look under the bench in the shed.
  13. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    Hey dicko, I'm in melbs. Do you have many spares? If u found a 400 head I would be eternally grateful and would certainly send more beer cans your way.... And Im dsperate for a xs250 LH front peg if you can help.
  14. jray;
    Mate I dug out the head and gave it a quick clean up. It is in pretty poor condition, not exactly bolt on, though not a bad starting point. I've taken a few pictures of it, though can't work out how to attach the images. I can get my head around bikes, not so good with computers. So you can either explain to me how to upload an image, which will work out better in the long run, as I will be able post some pics of my build, .....or you can send me a private message with an email address and I send you the images. Oh by the way, I located a LH foot peg for you too. I've got a few spares laying under the bench.
  15. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    legend! I'll pm you my email address. I'm currently boarding a plane so I can't give u a forum lesson but I'll email you back some tips. Very keen to see your build!
  16. CadXS

    CadXS XS400 Addict

    Dicko, try here mate for some posting advice.
  17. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    hey guys, its been ages since i last posted and ive made some good progress over the past summer.

    - i built a battery box and mounted it under the swing arm using the centre stand mounts.
    - I fitted the new front brake disc and blue spot caliper from a Yamaha R1
    - i fitted k&s pods and short, straight though slash pipes. the engine sounds freaking AMAZING!

    Last but not least I found a tank, and funnily enough its the one you recommended earlier in the thread CadXS! its from a 1973 CB175 and has a large enough tunnel to fit over the triple backbone frame. its exactly what i was looking for; small, slim and shexy!

    Once I removed the coil tabs I fabricated new front mounts on the tank using sections from an old handlebar, followed by a mounting bracket for the back of the tank. it looks the business!:thumbsup:
  18. CadXS

    CadXS XS400 Addict

    It didn't happen if there are no pictures....just saying....:thumbsup:
  19. jray

    jray XS400 Enthusiast

    i was on my ipad and i couldnt work out how to load pics. on the lappie now.... and yes, i have the pics to prove it....



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