Back pain

Talked to nuro surgeon today he mentioned the idea of possibly burning the nurves that cause the pain Im suffering.He says it could bring up to 10 months no pain.Anyone had this procedure done any cons/risks and does it actualy work?Too me it sounds like a good idea Im not having any metal or screws,plates etc put in my back.
Well I had half of the nerve burning procedure on back today.Im going to sore for a day or two but in the end if successful I`ll be pain free possibly up 10 months.Today I had 3 places burned by radio frequency on the left side,I go back for the right side on the wish me luck this works.
So much for the procedure lasting up to 10 months ,the back pain is starting to come back,Im sure it doesn't help when I flip over pickup beds by myself though.If I only had a buddy that lived close by here!
So much for the procedure lasting up to 10 months ,the back pain is starting to come back,Im sure it doesn't help when I flip over pickup beds by myself though.If I only had a buddy that lived close by here!

Rebuilding the box on the truck won't help much either:doh:
Im sure it didn't but with no one to help and me being the only person to get the job done I had/have to do whats needed.Most of my buddies live down in the city an hours drive from me.I have one fishing buddy whos local but his life is turned upside down being a night person or hes at the river fishing.My neighbor is always busy!
Im a misfit I don't fit in with the people here,they all on drugs, drunks and thieves.I`ll drink a beer once in a while but other than that its my limit.You would have to live here to understand.The people are strannnnnnnnge!Theres a nick name I gave this place its called Port Moron~Its also like the hotel California once you check in you can never leave:yikes:.Im stuck and want out.:banghead:
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I would be sure that others around you feel the same way. Join a church or a local community group.
Been there done and got the cold shoulder experience,no welcome party nothing but faces in the crowed.Bonded more closely with my neighbor tonight over a bonfire so we`ll see what happens there.Truth of the matter is I have a perfect location to all the stores of about every kind if moved I wouldn't know what to do.My mrs wanr\ts to move up north neare her family me it don't matter I have nothing tying me down here except lack of cash to move.:banghead:
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Just got to read this thread... Feel for you scorpio, hope you feel better.
I had my share of back pain to the point it would go black in my eyes if I made a wrong move in bed. Doctors called it “herniated disk” problem due to something stupid I did (pulled something heavy once, or took up the stairs some furniture that did not fit into elevator). The biggest relief though came not from doctors (aside from drugs), but from reading a book about back pain, and what exercises to do for different cases. I slowly figured what was helping me and did that. It took few years to fully recover.
I also used to have arthritis flares that would make things worse, and other similar problems explained by doctors in different ways, that I would sum up as "not fully understood quirks of immune system". All this for now is in the past (knock on wood), and to big point I thank my daughter for it. Years ago she went vegetarian, insisted on eating organically grown food, and few years ago even convinced me cut off meats and all heavy foods from the diet. For few years now I practically do not eat meat, animal fat, butter, or cheese. Most of the products are either locally grown or organic. I eat fish though, but not farm-raised. (I still cheat with piece of good steak every once in a while, but very rarely, and I do not crave for it anymore).
Getting to my point, I have not had any back pain or arthritis flares for years now and my blood tests improved a lot. I play sports and was never overweight, but with this change to my diet without much effort I came down 10-12lb and now steady at ~166lb (I am 6’ ). In general I feel healthier.
My daughter is now vegan, studying nutritional science at Cornell.
My doctor put me on a 10lb weight lifting limit,theres no way I can live being on that regiment.Nothing would ever get done around here.
The back pain was getting so bad I needed help just getting out of bed.The docs want to do surgery,with the quacks in this town Im not letting any of them touch me with scalpel,lazer or any other instrument that cuts me open.They were talking about inserting 2 rods in 2 different places and some screws also.
The nerve burning procedure brought me the best and most relief from the pain I was suffering through every day.At least now even though the pain is starting to flare up again I can finaly get some enjoyment out of life which I wasn't able to before.Now Ive been moving and lifting some heavy things.I don't have a choice I have nobody that I can permanently depend on for help and when I ask my neighbor he gives the impression like its too much trouble and makes me feel like Im bothering him.If it wasn't for the Radiofrequency Ablation all the things I accomplished this summer would have never happened.The pain has been holding me back for 3-4 years.I also do crunches a few times a week which helps a lot.I just wish I had some local friends that can help me.
Well theres been an event that recently happened,Ive been laid up for the last weeks cause I slipped on the ice in my drive and flat on back.Its aggravated my back problems that I already have.I think theres no way out but to have back surgery since one of disk has slid up ontop of another one.I warned my landlord that it was a skating rink out here.I could see the ice until it snowed and it was a powdery type.He said he would send someone out to do which he never did.One of my other neighbors also mentioned it too him but he still did nothing.So I went and bought some salt and did it myself.I called immediately after I fell and still knowbody showed up and he ignored my text.Im hiring a personal injury lawyer and Im going to try and sue him.I have pics where I fell and disturbed the snow ontop of the ice and a witness.
My husband had back pain and Sciatica for over 3 years due to herniated disc (massage and special mattresses don't work in these situations). Initially, it was mild pain but later on, it became unbearable. He saw a doctor who kept him on pain killer Gabapentin. He had it for over 2 and a half years. He felt relaxed when he took Meds but the problem was he had side effects of Gabapentin and used to forget things. It was a symptom of Alzheimer. Then he visited a chiropractor for few months he did not feel any difference and it was too costly for us. Now he is on physical therapy. It's good he is not having pain last 6 months.
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