Battery options...

Had my interest peaked, until I read that they are NOT recommended for use in cold weather, below 40F. I ride from early spring until late fall, and often am out when it is close to freezing. I guess Lithium batteries are not for me, especially since I don't have a kick start... sometimes gets cold down here, like high 20's and in that case, it just takes a bit longer for the battery to warm up to provide the most amps. Doesn't mean it won't work, just that it will take about 5-10 seconds longer to start.
Hey, new member, just bought a XS400 SH 1982 without kickstart.
Was looking for a smal battery to put under the seat (Stock 12V 12aH).

Found a few possiblities here:

Because i don't have a kickstarter thought it might run on lower aH.
link 1: which has 14aH, is mabye to high, read that it can make your bike burn:).
link 2: which has 9aH, is maybe the best option? but expecive
link 3: which has 4aH, is maybe to low?
link 4: also an option.

Any ideas, which should i buy?

On option #1,if your regulator is working correctly,no amount of CCAs should burn your bike. CCAs are just a # for rating starting ability. In winter conditions,running a trickle charger will warm up the battery enough to crank the motor. The only way that a strong battery could burn anything is if a relay,switch or regulator is faulty. 12v is 12v. lha
Foo dog is your bike a dohc or sohc? If you have the dohc bike that is e-start only then you will need a battery that has the same cranking amp as the stock battery had or there about. If you can find a smaller battery but with the same cranking amps then that would be your only option. Those are often a lot more money.:( How about some pics of the bike:)
Thanks for the reply. I think its a sohc. The previous owner took out the e-start, now its kickstart. I think i'm going for the firts battery choice. Smallest battery, so i can get the clean caferacer look. But al in good time, because it's already a nice bike.


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what about those antigravity batterys??? they are expensive, but do they work on a fully electrical layout ???
As long as they have the same cranking amps as the stock battery it should work.
cris dont know what cranking amps mean (english is my second language and i know nothing about electronics) im runing the yuasa 12N12A-4A- , dont know how many cranking amps it has. any help...?
Google cranking amps for a battery if you need more input on it. But what it means is the amount of amps or power the battery will put out to turn over an engine. A xs400 needs around 200 or so from what I have been able to find.
cranking amps is for electric start applications. If you are kick start only you can go low as 2 amps. I use an alarm battery at 2.3 amps NP2.3-12
You can go as low as 1.2 ah that's what I use for my kick only bike.
You're a beast Chris. I can't wait to see your project done :bike:

Oh, ya, right, on topic, right. I have a 4 lb agm scooter battery for a kick-start only xs400. It's way overkill. I've let it sit for over a month without charging it and it started right up.
I checked the volts on the battery ( 1.2ah) on my 80 and even after all the use of two years on that bike a two on another plus sitting since October it still reads 12.8 volts :) I would love to put one ( I have two extras) in my 79 but being a factory correct restoration I can't do it.
XS400s will Turn over with WAAY less than 200 CCA... I think stock is around 165, but I've started mine with a 35CCA battery from a 50cc child size quad. Worked well for several minutes worth of cranking. I now have a small glass mat battery. I'll have to double check, but I think it's 80CCA...
ive found a small one with enough cca , but the issue now is that i need to upgrade my charging sistem cause im running a 78 xs 400E with the mechanical regulator and stock rectifier, can some one tell me any reg/rect combo that will work on the bike? thanks a lot , learning a lot from u guys . thanks
thanks charles , i just wanted to make sure i could put the battery with no risk at all , everybody says that the charging system should be uppgraded , but if you say it works fine i have nothing to worry !!
The xs650 system are the ones with all the issues. The xs400 (sohc) work well.