Bike quits after a mile.

Do you have solid compression numbers? valves in spec?

if they are solid, the smoking might ease up after a few more rides.
I couldn't get a feel for what has happen from your bike with your earlier posts, The smoke, could be just working out the kinks, if its been sitting around for a bit.

If you have not found this link, Start looking over these threads. the manual is on the top three sticky's posts. means they will not rotate down, like yesterdays post. If you don't have a manual, its a good place to start. especially if we are out riding our bikes, and your getting a little antsy for some answers. I would be interested in getting the valves checked out sooner than later, with my past history of bad valves, and not picking up on the bad things I did to my bike.

That would rule out any bad valve adjustments, and that the locking nut is firmly in places.
I had also plastic koted my fuel tank insides, and then forgot to break the hole in the fuel cap. I would make it about a mile, and it would die from fuel starvation.
Wow. Extremely helpful link. Thank you, and yeah we're going to get the valves and carb synch all straightened out as soon as we can.
Well the initial problem was simply the petcock, fuel wasn't coming out in the on position. Easy fix. But everything else that was suggested certainly helped me get the bike in a much better running condition. I feel like the previous owner wasn't too keen on taking care of it. As for the smoke, that went away after a mile of riding. So it was probably just from the bike sitting on the side stand so long.

But I have put about a hundred fifty miles on it so far, and I could not be happier.
Check the gas cap. It should vent. If it won't vent then after a bit a vacuum builds upin the tank and fuel slows and stops.
Ride the bike till it quits, Open the gas cap, do you hear it sucking air as you open it?
If you do you need to take the cap apart and clear out the vent.