Brake light switch front faulty any suggestions!!


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I have a faulty brake light switch front attached to the front brake lever. My back brake light does not come on when using the lever. It works when I apply the foot pedal. (The foot peddle switch I replaced a while back).

I have bought a Yambits replacement and one from Mikes xs. Neither fitted. Both were too large too fit into the end of the lever where it clips in. So I thought I would try and fix the existing switch.

My existing switch was missing a pin. I replaced the inner pin which was missing, using one of my recently bought switches, which I broke apart to access the bits I needed. There was no circular metal band which held the clips in place. I held it in place using electrical tape. Then I fitted it back in both ends.

I checked to see if the two wires were correctly fitted into their wiring harness within the headlight casing. They were. Fuses are all good too.

No brake lights when I pull the lever???? Any ideas??



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Disc brakes - 1977/78 XS400. Standard brakes. The light works with the foot pedal applied. The switch pin moves when I apply hand lever. I can see the pin move up and down when applied.

Unfortunately I have no working multimeter.

Try jumping the wires to the front switch. I assume it's a momentary switch that completes the circuit rather than breaking the circuit, so jumping the wires should cause the tail light to illuminate and stay lit until you disconnect the wires. Then you will know if it's the switch, or something else. And if you don't like that, you could always rig up a cheap temporary momentary switch to test the circuit.
Thanks. I guess by jumping it is as simple as use some electrical wire to join the two wires that go into the lever. If there is a physical connection and the back brake light, lights up, it means problems is with the switch. If not, then I guess go to the same wires start point and check the other ends of the electrical loom. If no lights come on when the loom is joined I guess the problem will be harder to find.

Thanks again.
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I ask about the type because I have a used one for a 77 with front disc brakes that works and you could have for free. Then I looked at where you lived and realized it would cost more to ship it than it's worth!
It's been a bit since I had one apart but I seem to recall it was a kind odd contact arrangement. If I recall there were two sliding contacts that conduct through the pin when it is depressed. The sliding contact might not be making contact with the conductive bit of the pin.
If you can get the pin out again you might be able to bend the contacts inwards.
Image of the front brake lever rear light switch... pin is stuck in other end.

The rear light came on when the brass/copper contact arrangements touched.


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Looks like you have an aftermarket master cylinder. It may be very hard to get a switch that goes to that type as most have no replacement parts.