Can we remove the Profile Posts feature?

I now see what you talking about. I guess if people can't figure out how to post to a forum they should stay off the web. I never used the profile post tab till just now to see what it does. Over many years I have told people where to post questions/build threads and still had no response. I guess this will weed out those who should try other ways of getting help.
Yeah. There are the occasional people that are better with mechanics than websites and I wouldn't want them to get lost down the dead-end of the profile posts.
Assuming the feature can be removed entirely that is.
I think I have a solution... I've disabled profile posts for members with less than 5 posts. A notice is displayed to members with 0 posts with instructions on how to post. I figure that once they have 5 posts, they won't try to use profile posts to ask questions.
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I have never seen that feature used much, if at all, on any of the forums I have ever been on.

No idea why developers keep it.
I agree. They were trying to make this a social platform where you follow friends and post on their profile. I don't think it really ever took off on any forums (none that I follow). It just caused confusion for new users who were posting on people's profiles and thinking they were posting to everyone.

In my opinion, xenforo should have focused on a better activity feed or news feed, something like Facebook, or Twitter.