Clutch Rod Rattle Issues


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Dealing with Clutch Rod SEAL Issues.

About a month ago I adjusted my clutch actuator because clutch was slipping at high revs. I reduced preload on rod as per manual. Bike was great pulled stronger than ever and had a higher top speed of 140KMH. Then Rod started leaking. I found out that my clutch rod snapped, After 2 broken rods I adjusted the tension on the chain thinking the chain hop is what snapped my rod, Installed a new clutch rod seal.

Cleaned my clutch packs

But what I found out that I install everything start the bike everything seems good, clutch rod seal not leaking. Take it out for a spin and it is gushing oil again. When I take the left cover off. You can see the clutch rod rattling like crazy. NO WAY A SEAL CAN HANDLE THAT. This rattle does not appear when cold or after I assemble the clutch packs. It seems to start happening after I Ride it. Any help ??

What causes the rod to rattle (in and out) PS: Rod is straight as an arrow, 8mm Ball in place