FUBAR's Build

And how it runs do-boy? I'm running the same set 137.5/45 with pods and better flow exhaust.
any bogging down through the gears?

i just have stock mains and pilots i think 135 and 42.5, with the 2-into-1 and pods, he exhaust has a short baffle and the end about 10" long with no packing just the metal baffle guts with the holes ect.

seems to idle mint and steady, do you think ill need to go up?

my carbs dont look like the have the needle c clip on the top just one position, i have the plastic floats in my carb ( not sure on the model)

i got my chain tensioner made and it looks alright just gotta go pic up some bolts and i throw some pictures up later today. trying to get the rear struts attached to the fender some how. tomorrow ill see if i can fix that kickstart problem or not. i found a fairly large torsion spring in my old parts pile and im wondering if it doesnt belong in the k-start setup somewhere. ill post a picture later aswell and see if anybody knows where it goes

the springs not mounted in the right spot i need to drill a hole farther back, and need a stronger spring, but seemed to improve the chain slop pretty well.

also it it normal for the rear bottom motor mount to have gaps between the engine tabs and the frame tabs? i have what looks to be a 1/2" of space on either side and am considering putting bushings in there or somthing so the rear half doesnt have lateral play.

fixed the kickstarter, i didnt have the pinion clip seated in the little notch at the bottom properly, fired up first kick!, now to solve these small vibe issues
thanks drewcifier, this is my first ground up build and its turning out ok, trying to make all parts by hand with a grinder and basic tools. im no machinist (i wish)

im shooting to finish by june 24, as there is a local garage built bike show im going to enter.

today i finished un-building wiped it down with acetone and put filler on some rough spots
My whole vision for this bike was inspired by a beatup old 31' mercury coupe front fender. it looked sweet, you know that old and well built but repaired a few times look. The fender was different shades of green, grey and brown. It showed years of touch up jobs and fixes, which i really find interesting. Im not the kind of person who buys brand new things and uses them. I more so enjoy the idea of forming somthing with my hands and getting a unique end result- like much of you on this forum. Otherwise i would have gone out and threw a down payment on a new bike.

This is my second build, I do not have a motorcycle license and have only ridden dirt bikes to give you an idea. (first was a kz650 cafe sold because i moved) After crusing the forums and search engines for a few years at this kind of thing i noticed alot of custom-ish 'survival bikes.' Everyone has cool names for their builds and i was always stuck on what to name mine. So after much thought, i dub this project of mine the 'Unsurvivable Bike". anyways to cure your boredom from that essay heres a picture of progress.

I always wonder to myself if anyone reads this thread haha... my personal journal.

Fubs, I read it and I'm sure many more do.

still waiting for those skateboard wheels on the pegs though :D

Outriggers for some real all-out all-conditions adrenalized testing :wink2:

also it it normal for the rear bottom motor mount to have gaps between the engine tabs and the frame tabs? i have what looks to be a 1/2" of space on either side and am considering putting bushings in there or somthing so the rear half doesnt have lateral play. ??

I think the lower rear of the motor, even when putting motor back in, should fit with little to no space between the motor and mounts.
Yes we definitely read it!

Take a riding class if possible. I wish I had! Makes insurance rates WAY lower.

and the word you're looking for to describe that bumper (here comes my design school training) is Palimpsest. Layers visible through layers of previous work. Great source of inspiration!
I can't recommend a riding course enough! They teach you all of the necessary know-how to not get yourself killed the first week of riding. Unfortunately from my experience, there are few insurance agencies (at least around me) that ask if you've taken a riding course anymore. I think it's because everyone takes the course, so it's no longer a question with a distribution large enough to give a discount to.
Anyway, the bike looks great and I'm so excited to see the final product!
hey thanks guys for the words of inspiration haha.

heres a teaser pic for all yall

still looking for a small head light like 4.5 inches and need to finish up the sissy bar so i can get the rear fender mounted

Seems cool. Compact and practical. Maybe you can tool a leather case to fit around the back of it for carrying the odd wrench and cell phone.
yea i was going for the modest approach, nothing too tall and stabby. the intention was primarily to strap luggage to the inside on top the fender, i agree a leather bag would look sweet, let me know if you come across anything online ect..
i ordered a tail light and plate bracket for the back side of it.

this is the first long ride me and a friend have planned when its complete.

Cool. In nice weather that ride looks sweet. 4 hours makes me think a spare gas can goes on the back of the new rear bar!