History of the Yamaha XS400

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Hi guys, I've got a Japan made XS400 80 model, but I can't figure which exact XS400 it may be. Can alone help me? On the engine it has a imprint of 5E8-000115
From the Genuine Yamaha manual that was included with my 78 XS400E:

first vin in sequence:
78 XS400E 2L0-000101
79 XS400F 2L0-100101

That's how you can tell them apart if you weren't sure! I am sure there are some other tidbits of wisdom in there, if anyone wants me to look.
Must have gotten it wrong at dmv or someone in the past filled out the reg. wrong:shrug: What does the vin on the frame say.
I have purchased my 2nd 400 Yamaha. I bought one in the early 80's a 400XSE and now years later have bought my 2nd a 400XSF. My most recent was bought from my youngest son, whom bought the bike 15 years ago. I had forgotten about the terrible starting problems and was just reminded about how the brakes stick. Has anyone else had problems with their brakes sticking?

Welcome to the forum, Susan. I'd suggest making an introduction thread for yourself, just to keep everything organized. It's also a great place to discuss your starting a braking gremlins too!
Go back to the garage, where you found this thread. Up at the top, you'll find a button to post a new thread. Give it a unique title, give us details of the bike and it's story, and don't forget some pictures to go along with it. You can PM me if you need some more help getting started :)
Think about it- some 2015 models are out and by September pretty much all the new 2015 models will be on the market. Obviously the vehicles are made in 2014, but are still "model year" 2015. Same thing with these bikes. The "model year" is most important when determining what parts you need. What the title says? Interesting, but not particularly important.
Model codes

My 400 Maxim vin starts with 15G, so which model do I have? I think it's a J series,

but not sure, I just bought it, but I'm going to sell it as it's too tall for me. I've had
someone try to lower it, but found out it has the wrong mono shock, this one is over
14 ", and it's suppose to be 12 1/4 ". Having a hard time finding that one, and I don't
think it's going to make it short enough anyways, I'm only 5' even.

Thanks for replying.:banghead:
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