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Intro and Build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by CadXS, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    if you can provide the link for that I'd appreciate it
  2. David Rowan

    David Rowan XS400 New Member

    Just goggle " do gps speedo's pass mot "
  3. Bear Hands

    Bear Hands XS400 Member

    I've had my supermoto'd XR600 for 10+ years, it doesnt even have a speedo and it's passed it MOT every year (at 2 different testing stations I might add). Not that it means its 100% legal, but neither MOT man has ever been bothered by it, maybe I just got lucky.
    Either way my XS400 will be having an eBay special GPS speedo because I also have RS125 forks and havnt figured out how to get the mechanical speedo drive to fit. And because it looks cool...
    David Rowan likes this.
  4. amc49

    amc49 XS400 Junkie

    The difference in countries, here you MUST have a working speedo or it's fail city.

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