left turn signal wont blink!!


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New York
my 77 left turn signal just up and decided that it doesn't want to blink anymore on while on my way to work awhile ago. the right one blinks just fine, but the left stays on steady when I hit the switch.
So I have been reading up on others with similar issues and here is what I have done so far:
- disassembled and cleaned both front and rear lights, sockets and bulbs.
- disassembled the switch, cleaned all the bits and bobs, cleaned out every bit of gunk from the case.
- put it all back together....and it still just sits there and obstinately just stays steady on challenging me to do something else.

When I turn on the right, the relay clicks, makes a quick stuttering sound and then it clicks and blinks merrily along like it always has. When I turn the left on, the relay clicks...and that's it. the light just stays on.

I thought that the relay works for either side. The signal is sent to either the left or right side based on the position of the switch.

If its the relay, ill try digging it out this weekend, but I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to go that far.

would greatly appreciate any insight. My Wife is learning to ride and is quite upset that I haven't fixed the turn signal on "her little bike" yet.