Making it kick only, do i still need solenoid?


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hey guys, another question, 1980 xs400. im making it a kick only.. do i still need the solenoid??? cant i just run the starter motor wire off the positive, and then another wire off the positive to a switch then to the main fuse going to the coils and ignition unit? keep in mind, i really am not running anything except the absolute bare just head light, tail/brake light, and then just the components it needs to start. so once again, if im making this bike kick only, can i do away with the starter solenoid??
You can remove anything e-start related if you are going kick only.
Awesome! I'd still need the ignition unit though correct? And I didn't see anything on that thread about what's the bare essentials for making it kick only. But thanks, I'll definitely take the starter motor out now.
the starter should be on a seperate circuit independant of the e-start. but you do need the ignition coil to run.
I have been driving my 79 for 15yrs like that and my 80 for three. Not hard at all:thumbsup: