N8's '81 XS400 Special Build

I think I'll go with Mike's XS pods for now. K&N will do custom configurations, so i may see how much a single element dual port filter would be... they have a stock unit thats close, but i need like 6"center to fit the boots. It would be original and quality, but probably expensive....

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I would go with uni's or k&n's they both are chargeable filters ( meant to be oiled). The mike knock off ones say they can be oiled but are NOT cotton gauze so the oil will not stick and fill up the filter like a real k&n will. I have used both and there is a big difference in how well they work.
Does anyone:shrug: Much easier to tune than any emgo or mikesxs filter and better than stock:thumbsup:
No I am just giving him a hard time. Being closer to a stock intake is likely to produce the best usable day-to-day low to midrange performance.
Glad to hear y'all like the gold leaf idea! Can't wait to see it. I would use it like shadow - not outlined, just on lower ends of sun rays, as an example (the suns shadow is gold, right?)

I am currently stock airbox with aftermarket pipes. Chris, I know you use uni pods, would you say they make your bike run nicer than stock boxes?

My understanding on higher flow intake is that you lose some bottom torque and gain some high end horses. True? Dyno aside, is there another good reason aside from style to upgrade to a different filter?
If I had the money I'd love to dyno it! Longer intake plenum and connection between carb intakes after the filters should make it easier to tune and everyday usable power like you said. Main thing is the look though. I like the filter hanging out In that triangular space created by the frame... If you are running stock filters that are in good shape they should be fine. I've changed so much at thus point i Figured I'd be jetting anyway...
I have not had a chance to use my uni's yet but from all the research and talking to the xs650 guys it will be a upgrade from the K&N's I had. Also the type I have don't have a capped back so there is no restriction at all with them. When I went from using the H-pipe with a set of mikesxs filters on the end it ran better across all ranges than with the stock ones. When I put on the K&N RC-130's it ran better yet. It was also the time I changed to xs360 carbs :shrug: Running uni's with and without H-pipe is the last setup I need to test but that won't happen for a while.
I'm supprised how well mine runs already. The carbs have been cleaned 3 or 4 times, and bench synced, but i expexted more issues. On a 30 degree day it took about 20 minutes and 3 or 4 sprays of starting fluid. Once thethe fuel started flowing and it warmed up it was one kick all day .... and now I'm sure i've jinxed it. Anyway, i figure I'll contact k&n and see how outrageous the custom filter would be. If it's somewhere around 100 bucks that'd be about retail for 2 k&n pods.... plus they last forever ..... and then ill find a set like the ones suggested above :thumbsup:

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As long as you have oil-able filters you will be fine. If not it's just a screen and not a filter:wink2:
Well I finally joined you guy's. ... im the kid brother..or the brunt too N8Bishops brains. This project has been a blast and we are so close to the road. Thank you all for your input even though mine has been absent. This really is a cool forum