New Seca 400 owner quick question?


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I finally picked up a 1983 XS400 Seca. Most everything so far looks really good and it started right up however it does not have the air filter box tube/boots. Im having trouble finding some except for a set for $225 on ebay!! Are they that difficult to come by or do the xs400 sohc air filter intake boot work on the Seca dohc? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be super helpful. Pic of the bike is below. Kind regards
Welcome to the forum! Nice looking bike, thanks for sharing the photo.

Factory intake parts are going to be sort of rare to find for that bike, hence the high prices you are seeing. The SOHC intake is completely different and won't fit your bike (and I believe I remember that the spacing between the carburetors is different.) Seeing as you have the air box, I would try and DIY fab up some from some different diameter hoses and rubber glue to get yourself on the road - you don't have much to loose.
Ugh....thx CaptChrome I was hoping some other XS model would have the same airbox intake tubes. Ill look into the DIY route. Thx much for the info.