Newbie needs help with a no spark issue


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Hey Y’all, a buddy of mine and I recently picked up an ‘82 Seca 400 knowing that it had no spark. We got a new battery, spark plugs, and ignition coils. We have cleaned the connections to the ignitor box and fuse box. We have gone through all of the connections from the battery to the spark plug and cleaned them.Neither side of the bike is getting spark and this is where my knowledge of spark problems ends (I normally work on cars). Any recommendations on what to do next?
Yes we have a brand new battery on the bike.

Good move. The only way I know of to test what is up at this point is to swap in a known good TCI. If you know of other DOHC XS400 owners near you, now is the time to show up with a big smile, a case of good beer to leave and a small request from them. Otherwise, eBay is going to be your best bet.

If the TCI solves things, good, or you will have to turn your attention to the pickup. FYI - @gpounce32768 has a nice bit about testing and refurbishing the pickup coil in a thread on here if you have some skills and want to try it out.
You know, I forgot to mention one thing. People have had some luck opening up the TCI, cleaning them and repairing the solder joints that may have failed because of vibration. There are some threads on here as I recall and also lots of other things to read on the general internet from other folks with 80s vintage Yamahas. I would be tempted to crack the TCI open and have a look if it were my bike. Just thought I would mention it as another possibililty.