Other Model XS Questions - XS750, XS850


1977 XS360
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I know this is the 400 forum but I thought some of you guys may have experience with other model XS bikes so I was looking for any knowledge. I just bought another project to get running and that is a 1981 XS850. It has the Hitachi carburetors and one of them has a broken float mount/post. In my parts storage I have a decent set of Mikuni carburetors from a previous XS750 project. I could get these carbs rebuilt and useable for not a lot of money or I can attempt to fix and rebuild the Hitachis. I prefer to use the Mikunis as I have more experience with them. My question is about the jetting on those since they came from a XS750 and would be going on an XS850. I know it's 100cc difference but I'm sure the jetting would be different. Do any of you have experience doing this? I know a lot of folks do use the Mikunis on the 850s just because they are easier to get parts for. The bike is completely stock so I would not be compensating for a bunch of aftermarket mods that would lean it out or anything.

Thanks in advance.