Petcock is leaky, what’s the best solution?


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Seems like I need a new petcock, as mine leaks now. I just bought other parts for the bike, so I’d like to spend as little as possible while keeping reliability. Should I repair the old petcock? Or get a new manual one? I feel like it won’t be too bad to fix, as it doesn’t leak a ton, but I’m not sure
I had good luck with an xs400 petcock "rebuild" kit from ebay- same kit as used on a bunch of other XS series bikes. The kit consisted of replacement gaskets and rubber bits to go into the petcock. It wasn't hard to take the old one apart and swap in the new stuff.
For me. i like having a manual shut off. I like knowing the feul is off when i park it in garage. I am not going to go out the next day and have a wet bike and wet floor because the petcock didnt shut off. So i dont know if my petcock works. As long as my reserve works and i know when i hit reserve then i am good. Mine look like the ones on lawn mower. As long as they fit snug in my feul line. can also put clamps on both sides of fuel line. both my 78 and 81 bikes have had manual shut offs on them.