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Polishing made easy - Tip

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by gentlemanjim, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    We've all struggled trying to polish our bikes aluminum bits, I've just discovered the perfect fast and easy method from Caswell. After stripping off the clear coat use this greaseless abrasive paste on a buffing wheel to sand down to the desired finish and then use black and then brown/tripoli buffing compound and different clean wheels of course for the perfect luster.

    See the attached and the kit at the bottom of the page, 80 - 600 grit for only $45.00 - awesome.

    Their website has a wealth of information about parts finishing, plating, powdercoating, etc all for the hobbyist .

  2. Thanks for that website gentlemanjim! The forum there looks like it contains plenty of great information for the DIYer.... I have been thinking about having my spoke rims plated in copper, but know nothing about the process, so hopefully I can ask a few questions there and they can point me in the right direction.
  3. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

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  4. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Good stuff in that buffing manual! Thanks! :cheers:
  5. Bull85

    Bull85 XS400 Enthusiast

    sorry to drag this back out, but I wanted to let the Canadians know there is a Canadian site.

    you can even pick up orders if you live near Palmerston, ON. or if you don't its a good excuse to go for a ride, im through there about once a month! nice riding!
  6. I bought a tank sealing kit from caswellcanada.ca. Very good people to deal with and quick shipping.
  7. Bull85

    Bull85 XS400 Enthusiast

    wanted to show some of the people starting the polishing regime, some before and end results. for anyone thinking of polishing nasty side covers, ect. be prepared to spend TIME.
    I still have 2 more covers to go. and I have spent about 12-15 hours already on the smaller covers. be prepared when starting out to go through the steps, only to find some scratch marks and to start over. LOL at least I did a couple times. especially if sanding out gouges/scratches. which I had a couple.

    Spend the time on each step, get some polishing pads and compounds for final steps. and have fun. I am pleased with the sheen I was able to accomplish as a beginner. I have learned from trial and error. and was not concerned with how much time it took. (ALOT!) my next 2 should go quicker. and now I spot other parts I may do myself too!

    enjoy, have fun, like me. and you too can have wicked parts without having the painted look. (unless of course that's the look your goin for!)

    Attached Files:

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  8. Greasey Fingers

    Greasey Fingers XS400 Guru Top Contributor

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