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Right cylinder missfires

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Ivan Mihajlovski, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Ivan Mihajlovski

    Ivan Mihajlovski XS400 Member

    In the last two short trips I've had a problem with missfire on my right cylinder. The bike starts but has problems for about 15 secs. I can't figure out is it better with full choke or half on hot weather. Anyways, i drive it in half choke for some time so it warms up nicely. After it is warm, I press the choke to off position. The problem is, when I stop. The bike idles at 1200rpm, then after 5-6 sec it starts to lower the rpm and dies. And when I start it again, the right cylinder starts missfiring and the bike dies in 2 secs when idling. What could be the problem. Maybe carbs are not synchronized? Last time they got checked is about an year ago. Also I have changed the fuel injection a little. Or maybe could it be the spark plugs, they are really old but I've had no problem with them for a year.
    If anyone knows what could be the problem, please tell me Your opinion on this problem. Thank You.

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