Starter won't stop


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Ontario, Canada
Had trouble starting my bike figured "hey I should start with the battery." Lo and behold it started amazing. But I heard some weird tumbling noises, so I hit kill but the starter was still pushing on. Had to unscrew the battery, sparky mess. How'd I mess this up? What is wrong?
hmmm does the starter switch release when you take your finger off?
If it dose your solenoid might be sticking on when energized and not releasing as it should.

Just curious if you try to connect your battery does you starter try to engage?
If it dose pull the 20 amp fuse and try again.
If the starter still engages than your solenoid is faulty.
give the solenoid a wack with the handle a screw driver this usually releases it if it is stuck so you can kick start your bike and use it until it is fixed

When you pull the 20 amp fuse you disable the control side of the solenoid as well as the rest of the electrical system.
Thanks for your reply Kitchi! Think the solenoid was stuck? I took it out and diagnosed it alone. It was switching correctly when I tested it. Or maybe I unstuck it while I was testing, I unno. Anyways, appears to be working now. Gonna start looking into updating this old tube fusebox...
Make sure the solenoid is upright. Some of the cheaper Chinese solenoids will close when on their side/upside down. I know this from first hand experience.

If you need to replace the solenoid, I've had a 1PZ solenoid off Amazon that I've been using and it's worked great for 6~ months (when I replaced the cheap Chinese one that literally rusted apart)