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Trouble finding parts

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Blakev02, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Blakev02

    Blakev02 XS400 New Member

    So I just got a 82 xs400 2 weeks ago im needing a couple of parts to replace that I can't find and I even went to a Yamaha dealer near by and they said the parts are discontinued. Im needing throttle and choke cable, and front and rear intake boots can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can find these parts. thanks in advance.
  2. Eli Chabot

    Eli Chabot XS400 New Member

    Ebay worked for me
    Just search 1982 yamaha xs 400 maxim throttle or choke cable.
    should pop up. just make sure theyll fit your bike
  3. AmbientMoto

    AmbientMoto XS400 Addict

    You can always make your own cable as well.

    I always start with Babbit's or Adept and find the part number... go from there. Sometime's get it from them, other times eBay etc etc.
  4. tstidham

    tstidham XS400 Enthusiast

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2022
  5. JPaganel

    JPaganel XS400 Addict

    The only thing to keep in mind about the replica carb holders is that many of them have weakly attached vacuum nipples. I have had them pop out on me.

    Easily fixed with some high-tack sealant, but still worth keeping in mind.
    tstidham likes this.
  6. Myron

    Myron XS400 Member

    This place in the UK has lots of rubber and some cables. Keep in mind that the freight has to go thru customs and will take a week. https://sumorubber.com/

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