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Okay so firstly, thank god this forum exists it's helped so much. Now onto my issue, I just installed new turns signals on my 1982 xs400 maxim before I changed them I was still having this issue. The new ones are not LED. But they just aren't blinking. The switch seems to be working cause both sides will turn on but not blink. So I thought it was my flasher unit so I bought a new three prong flasher from Canadian tire, it fit but now I get no power to the turn signals. Then I thought maybe it was my auto-cancel unit so I bypassed it but still same issue. I'm at a lose for works. I really don't wanna go OEM on this cause it's both expensive and hard to find parts. I do plan on replacing all the switches and pretty much the whole handlebar setup so if it's a ls minor as the switch Imma feel stupid. I'm also picking up a on/off/on rocker switch from a hardware store to try to narrow this down. Much appreciated for any advice or suggestions. I'm
really not that good at electrical


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Welcome to the forum!

The original flasher and wiring setup requires a certain current draw from the bulbs in order for the flashers to work properly. I see you have some aftermarket turn signals, so my first thought is that they have a lower current draw than the originals and that is why they are not flashing.

If that is the issue, you would probably need to modify the wiring and get a solid-state flasher. That setup would allow you to use the lower watt bulbs or even LEDs in the future. A thread that explains this is http://www.xs400.com/threads/how-to-flasher-relay-for-led-turn-signal.10601/
So update I hooked the OEM turn signals with the stock bulbs and still same issue so I don't believe my issue is a simple as wrong bulbs. I'm still open to any advice I do have a multimeter so that's my next step now and if I can't find any problems then I guess I gotta stock playing eenie miney mo on parts to replace