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I have just built my first bike last spring and dieing to ride this **cker, only the crappy charging system keeps crapping out. All summer every time a left the house i would load up the ramp and straps in the truck so the wife could come me up.
Now for my question is there any up-grade to the crap on my 78 xs400 ? The xs650 has a up-grade from the Banshee stater,and is said to work real good. Out of all the Yamaha bike the SR, RD,DT,LB,TT LT,ZY does there charging system suck too.
tried any thing short of all new parts . :banghead: HELP
Thank for the info drewpy. Are there years or modles that work beter ? Is a solid state reg/rec all one unit? Im runing a two pices now reg(3wires) and a rectifer(5 wires)
I got an aftermarket one form a (now defunct) manufacturer. it combines both together. I put in in my tracker bike

under the seat

in the seat tray
I do know there are 2 types of eg/rectifier for the alternator systems on bikes. Unfortunatly I can't remember what it was. In retrospect it was probably ours which are brushless system and the xs650 type which uses brushes.
Hey guys thinks for all the in put . I been doing a little home work on banshee. The stator is used in alot of bikes. The plan is to go battery less. Find one guy xs400 banshee rotor and stator setup. Said it works find, that's all he says. I don't thank he tried to fit it in the stock cover but Im going to try.
Dose the rotor fit the crank?
Dose it fix in the stock cover?
How to mount the stator ?
I'm going to find out
Hey got my stator from ebay yeasterday so a made a 1/16 think steel plate to go behind the stock cover and cut a hole for the crank . then monted the assbely plate to that . The stator bolts to that. Also did some triming to the stock cover and trying to keep the point marked for the easy timing. o ha the stator is just a banshee any year there all the same. Still trying to get a good deal on a flywheel to see how it fits the crank shaft
I love that your thinking of modding the charging system to make it better but are you sure your previous system was working correctly? Is your bike stock with all electronics still there? If so then I would keep a battery just so you have a reserve. If it's not stock and you have less accessories then you could probably save just as much space by building a mini 12v battery. The only reason I stress on having a battery is that if there is any electricity produced it must be used up, if not it could fry something. If you plan on going with no battery and your charging system spikes, or if your diodes in the rectifier decide to quit and produce AC voltage the battery will take those hits for you instead of your components. I say carry out your mod but think twice about going with no battery. Good luck! :thumbsup:
I know that some people riding sr400 use capacitors. They just replace the battery with it.
That bike, however, runs without a battery stock i think. So they use the capacitor to prevent frying components.

Correct me if i'm wrong. :)
Thanks for the concern Campball but I will also be using a capacitor. The idea is less is better ! :) My bike is far from stock; LED tail light, 30 watt headlight, & last but not least kick only.
Ok good news the mock up is going great ! Got my banshee flywheel in today. Frist things first the flywheel dose fit on the crank shaft only about 3/4 of inch that should be fine. Next all this dose fit neatly in the stock cover but it needs to massaged a little .as you saw in the pic of my stator all the timeing marks and the top cover have been removed but it will fit. I'll have more pic's soon.
Ok its charging like new:thumbsup: no even better. Now at idel reads 12.8v When reved ,sorry no tac jumps up to 14.7volts and the lights are nice and bright. Right now i still have a battery but plan to switch to a small capassitor.this banshee setup on the xs400 is eazy to do > I just followed the steps to XS650 SWAP trimming the cover down was the hard part.
the part list was
banshee flywheel----------$100
stator--------------------$ 20
3 phase ref/reg-----------$ 42 (hughs handbuilt)
this is better then sliced bread
the web page i got the most out of was choptemberhow to xs650 banshee charging sys. swap here are a fu pic's
Oh no....more changes to make, lol

Great work mate, we await the full write up (with pics) for the Tech Section :thumbsup: