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upgrade charging system?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by madpressdog, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. 2eightcustoms

    2eightcustoms XS400 Enthusiast

    madpressdog, the stator on the 400 is surrounded by oil, the stator conversion (pma) on a 650 is dry can u use a 650 pma for the conversion or will it being submurged in oil not work?
  2. robbiecampbellsoup

    robbiecampbellsoup XS400 Enthusiast

    Don't suppose anyone has a drawing for the stator bracket/plate - thinking of just CNCing the bracket + the adapter plate out of one billet.

    Pretty please!

    When I end up machining one I'll post the drawings and the part file up here for the masses.
  3. 2eightcustoms

    2eightcustoms XS400 Enthusiast

    i did this same thing with the xs650 pma kit works amazing!!! ihad to machine the cover to fit the rotoe and drill and tap holes onto my cases to hold the stator plate i dont have cnc drawings but i do have an extra cover you could use to measure so you dont have any downtime with your bike
  4. robbiecampbellsoup

    robbiecampbellsoup XS400 Enthusiast

    I just may try this - but I'll have to wait until I get my generator cover off.. Never serviced these motors before so I've got a lot to learn... Should I be draining the oil? Can I do this with the motor in the bike? What all do I have to take off?? Looks like the ignition timing cover, chain cover and then finally the generator cover can come off...

    My current worry, the stator is measuring open circuit...

  5. madpressdog

    madpressdog XS400 Member

    Sorry 2eight don't know much about that system for the 650
  6. madpressdog

    madpressdog XS400 Member

    Rob the ignition timing cover Pointer has to be removed the engine can stay in the bike drain go to the first part of this chat look at the pictures you can see how the timing cover is clearance for the new stater do a little legwork before you ask questions fast
  7. Anthonyvan

    Anthonyvan XS400 Enthusiast

    So are we talking yamaha banshee atv flywheel here? I'm having a charging issue and am looking to upgrade, I'm just having difficulty finding good NEW parts.
  8. mattg666

    mattg666 XS400 Enthusiast

    ok, i read this whole thing and got the gist and really want to do this mod because batteries suck the butts. and mine is kick only with led tail light and small head light so i dont consume a lot anyways. so my question is this.. the parts list is the hughes rectifier, a banshee flywheel, and a banshee stator? are the banshee products all the same?? because i looked it up and were differently numbered items, so im just making positive i order the right stuff!
  9. There's another thread the guy is using a battery but uses all this and says it works great with no modification the stator cover meaning you can keep your timing marks which personally im a fan of plus less modification the easier it should be to do and it the whole set up is about what a banshee stator and fly wheel will run you so overall the combination of both these can get us somewhere b/c I really want to get this battery off my bike....

    heres the list of stuff he used

    ZL600 Stator and Flywheel ---------- $25
    Banshee Stator Plate ------------------ $15
    3 Phase Regulator/Rectifier --------- $13
    XS400 Gasket 1L9-15461-00-00 --- $12
    M16x1.5 Bolt ------------------------------ $5

  10. i was going over the thread to see if anyone had responded and missed this post before. A guy who said he successfully did the conversion with full kit that can be bought instead of hunting shit down with trial and error if it works or not and everyone ignored him.......why?

    we probably can get the info on how it worked since he hasnt been on in over a year.......
  11. 16VGTIDave

    16VGTIDave XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Why? Over 2 years later and you are asking why people didn't question him? Most of the people who participated in this thread no longer participate here. You likely won't be getting any answers. It is rare for people to stick around here for more than a year or 2.

    On the other hand, there are a few who have been here for many years and thousands of posts... :shootme:
  12. HoughMade

    HoughMade XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    And some who, unwisely, let life get in the way of their XS400...but eventually see the light and return.
  13. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Don't think there's been much serious interest in the PMA mod in the last few years.
  14. kinda hoping since then somebody figured it out............but thanks
  15. Porcelaintv

    Porcelaintv 1981 xs400

    I've been trying to get this done for ever but keep hitting hurdle after hurdle. The banshee flywheel doesn't fit the rotor and do I need a battery and tci box bc threw everything out
  16. madpressdog

    madpressdog XS400 Member

    The banshee dose fix the shaft. You will need a new key way. The housing needs to be sanded down for clearance. I ran a motor with points didn't need a battery for kick start only. SO READ THE POSTS
  17. Jonny Bones

    Jonny Bones XS400 New Member

    Any updates on this? I've got an 81 XS400 with a similar charging issue and I'm looking to ditch the battery all together. Seems like the charging system in this model is a common cause of headaches. Do you have pics of it completed? or a forum of your step by step progress? would love to learn more!
  18. it all sounds great the problem being I want some one on here to get my XS400 breathing again, no spark ? Its sat in a back yard for 15 years, I put a battery on her and wow it all works, other than no spark, I fitted working coil packs as I think the one's I took off were dead, I freed the engine lots of oil 2/3rd gear and rock back and forth easy.. Fitted a Kick starter on here got compression and everything sounds great but no spark? help please. Great thread and great web site gents, I just joined last night.
  19. anthony nunes

    anthony nunes XS400 Member

    doing that banshee conversion does that mean you got lights too so you are ok to ride at night long distances
  20. anthony nunes

    anthony nunes XS400 Member

    Wow! Campbell you sound like the guy I really need to talk to I lost my charging system I started to test things swap parts to isolate the problem no luck then I lost all ignition and now I am really stumped I am not good with electrics never been trying to self teach any ideas where to start. Oh one last thing. somebody removed the fuse box on the bike so it has wires going in all directions but she has run like that for years I put over twenty thousand miles on her with out a problem now I dont know what to do and I love my 1980 XS400!!!

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