What did you do with your XS today?

Started it with a couple kicks. Forget who posted the instructions about "Prime for 10 seconds then choke and no throttle." But for this bike it works a charm. I have not run it in over a week due to plumbing issues with house, not the bike. Had a little free time today between rain showers so I decided to do some short runs up and down a 1/2 mile access road for local water line. Seems to run fine, pulls nice and smooth from just above 2,000 rpm. Road is short and twisty loose gravel so did not get above 30 mph or even out of 3rd gear. Hope to get time next week to get it 100% road legal.

Just took the time to look at the last inspection sticker on it from back when niece's husband was using it. That was back in 2010 and it only has 818 miles on it since then!
Finally starting to work on the bike again. Been loosing interest because of other personal issues. But I've been working on filling & feathering a few tiny dents in the new tank and rebuilding the carbs AGAIN! and Again & Again I could go on but well You know!!!:banghead::cussing:
Lets see, I have also started. Since I last was here, I have recieved the new drive shaft from Xchris, and as of this afternoon, I have taken the crankcase apart, and put the transmission together. Now I have picked up motorbond to seal the crankcase. I counldn't find my yamabond.

So once that is together, I have 2 other things to look at. One is the tach connection. Its making a rubbing noise. and 3, is the carb, I have picked up a new viton orings for the butterfly valve. (at least I think that is what I got) I will double check tomorrow.
Went to the second day of a rider training course. Lots of handling tips and practice.

Went to install the rocker cover, torqued the bolts evenly, in sequence, and promptly snapped one of the 6mm bolts at around 5 ft/lbs.
Might buy a whole top-end bolt kit to have everything match in appearance and theoretical strength....

Also mocked up my rear shocks. Just the stock shocks cleaned up, reflector mount removed, and some red and black enamel auto paint
Went back to oem air boxes on the 81. I was getting tired of hearing all the carb blat from the pods. The bikes still runs very well and seems even smoother at top end. I may even do the same with the 82.
Been working on my bike this week, replaced drive shaft, put a muffler wrap on, and attempted to start it, and it started. Now to make sure I got it road worthy!
So hopefully tomorrow, I will be using it!!!!
Installed a mid '90's electronic rev limiter I bought at a vintage bike meet last weekend. Now I don't have to worry when playing on gravel or mud. It kills the ignition and as a result causes fire balls to explode out the mufflers. Very loud, so there will be no doubt when I hit the limiter...
Rewired my stator this weekend; the wires were extremely worn inside the sleeving where it's routed under the engine. Hopefully that gets my charging system working again, but I'm not relying on it; there are too many other things I haven't checked yet.
Took the bike for yet another carb tuning test ride...... think my neighbors are getting sick of the full throttle pulls up and down my block. :cautious::er:

Still not quite right, back inside the carb I go. :shootme:
Rode it for work. I've been less than happy with the mid RPM performance and today it was particularly weak as it is fairly warm here at 32C / 90F. The fuel mileage also hasn't been great at 5+ l/100km (47 US MPG, 56 UK MPG, 20 km/l). When home, I pulled the carbs and raised the needles all the way (clips in lowest groove), then went for a quick test ride. Once up to temp, the bike pulls hard and smooth in 4th gear from 4000 to 7000 which is where the main jets take control. Cruising in 5th doesn't require nearly as much throttle to maintain speed when climbing hills. I'll have to see how it does in cooler weather, but I think I may finally have the carbs fully sorted. It's only taken 4 years. :doh:

Maybe it is time to change the exhaust or something, now that I have it running well... :laughing:

Bought a 12Ah AGM battery for the XS360.
It's slightly bigger than stock but I took my 400's battery box into the store thinking the fit would be the same.
It's not.

Going to take out the 360's battery box this weekendbto see if I can squeeze it in somehow.
Might have to stick with the OEM lead acid for the 360 and put the AGM in the 400.
I ran all over the county getting parts for it then pulled off the bent stock handlebars and mounted up a pair of clubman bars (not upside down) after work today I plan on hitting a thrift store to get a pot to boil my carbs in.
Rode across town to visit my brother. On the return trip I noticed the bike got much louder whenever I hit a sizeable bump. Rolled up to my garage and found out my factory original muffler had gone from bulging in places, to split in half and hanging on by a sad little flap of metal. When I would hit a bump, the muffler would open up like a pez dispenser and let out a loud bark.

...guess it's time for a new set. I would like something very stock in look and performance. Any suggestions?
Chopped off the stock exhaust down to 20 in at a 15° angle to try mimicking some harley exhausts I like and although I think I did a good job, specially with the cleaning and prepping before I paint, I am probably going to eventually replace them with a straight shorty. Not a fan of the megaphone (cone) shape.
FYI. I am taping the headers.
I posted a thread about my carbs. I am trying to get this part sorted on my new old girl. I think it's official I am going to call the old bike "Pepe" cause it's a little mule.