What did you do with your XS today?

Twas a beautiful fall day in my neck of the woods, took her for a ride and she lost power.....became erratic on the throttle...
I hit reserve...she came back to life,took her home,filled her up
Fun ride...:bike:
Went for a midnight ride. 70 degrees, thunderstorm rolled through about an hour ago, quiet...even for my little city.

Beautiful night to get the bike out after a (rather ghetto) repair to an almost 2 piece muffler. I had been driving across town earlier this month, and whilst launching over breaks in the pavement I noticed the bike was barking a bit louder on the bumps. Got home to find my left muffler hanging on by about an inch of metal. So, some aluminum foil, a piece of random sheet metal, and a bit of header wrap seems to make a decent fix until I decide what my next mufflers will be.
Reassuring to see that you people are closing in or at 100K kms seeing as mine has 20K kms...I believe I will be able to enjoy my ride for quite a while:bike:
Happy November, For those down south, or in a non-snow zone, We up north are loving this!
-So with that said, yesterday going to an appointment about 30 miles (48km). about two miles from my destination, my throttle cable went slack. Instead of stopping and being late for my appointment, I had no throttle, I continued to that office, at idle speed. I had to increase my idle to what I noticed at a stop light, my idle was set to over 4k rpm.

The experience felt like the lead slipped off the wire. after my appointment I found out the lead thing slipped out of the carb throttle arm. I discovered that 3 of the wires had released from from the lead stopper. I had another 2 to 3 wires holding that part together. new throttle cable has been ordered now. it made it home fine. I am assuming the while i drive at WOT for about ten minutes of my trip, I might be too stress full on that wire.
Well my 80 SG will not be going back on the road. With the four other bikes and space in the garage during summer time I will only keep the four stock ones out for riding next year. I may even leave the 79 2-F in the basement for most of the summer to save on room. The 80 SG only has 15,400 miles. But after all the cutting and "custom" stuff that I regretfully had done to it will never be a proper stock bike again. I spent a bunch of time and money trying to fix some of my destruction but the frame tabs and brackets can never be put back the way they should be for the stock parts to fit.

So I will use some stuff for my 80 G build and may sell a few things. After riding four stock bikes a "custom" bike is not for me. I get a lot more looks and the bikes handle, ride and runs much better in the intended original state. Also with so many "custom" bikes being done a stock bike will be the more rare bike out there. :laugh:

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Noticed that the odometer was approaching an important number, so I extended my ride a bit and took some pics...
Photo 2016-11-22, 16 08 45.jpg
Photo 2016-11-22, 16 09 12.jpg Photo 2016-11-22, 16 10 35.jpg

It was a nice afternoon for a ride, sunny, 2C (35F) and a bit of a breeze. And yes, that is my helmet and jacket you are seeing in the reflection. The helmet was hiding the smile on my face. :)
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Congrats Dave! Very rare and cool indeed!
You had a lot more fun today than I had shining shocks.:doh:


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I changed my sloppy handlebar bushings with the style that are sold as SX650 bushings on MikesXS (and the Canadian equivalent XS650direct) and they seem to fit perfectly.
Well that was easy :)
When I bought the bike I took a gamble. I knew the engine was frozen but thought it was just because it was left outside with no sparkplugs for years...
The engine internals were perfect but I could not get the pistons free from the jug. I had to break the cam chain to get the head off and smash the pistons out to recover the connecting rods. I ended up having to rebuild the top end.
Here is what the 80sg looks like now:D I put the 80g front on so I can still wheel it around. I need to fix a broken engine mount and weld a few other thing on the frame but that will be for another time down the road. I would like to find a stock uncut frame with no title to fix the things I wish I never cut off.