What did you do with your XS today?

XsChris, i was thinking the same thing, but i was worried about one of the exhaust valves being open all Winter and moisture getting in there. I think maybe ill just remove the exhaust and put rags right in the port.. and hang the exhausts.
I was finally able to get back to the project for a bit. Added fork oil to the SR500 forks I swapped out. Drained old oil and added new stuff with filter and fired it up after repairing the ignitor unit...again. Now that it runs I remembered I need to replace the clutch plates. Once I get that done it'll be on to building a new seat and wire harness to fit the relocated electronics. It's been a very slow and long process, but it's coming together.
Bought an LED headlight for my 400.
Was testing it on my 360 last night and broke off my highbeam switch!

Old brittle plastic broke without any force at all.
No stub even to work with. :(
hit the starter for the first time in 35 years - got the bike in boxes a year ago - put it back together, restored what i needed to do ,had a few issues along the way and much to my surprise it started !!!! running a little rough but is started - had a quick ride up the street - how bad are the brakes ? restored and rebuilt them but they are terrible - i think this is how they are from memory and i am comparing to modern stuff but they really are terrible - how did we not all end up in ditches in the 70 s
Same happened to me. Do you have an extra switch you can canabalize?
I had already arranged to buy a seat/helmet lock from Spectra and he saw my post, found a spare he had, and offered it too.
Have it now, just going to refurb the switch assembly while it's off.

Also did this today:
I had a nut come loose on my headlamp mount. To get to the offending fastener I needed to remove the bezel, lense, and reflector/lamp. I removed the bezel screw and the lense stayed put...until I turned around to grab a screwdriver to pry the bezel slightly. then, it flew out of the lamp and shattered into a million pieces. I am pissed because I made the mounting bracket myself and I loved how the lamp sat. Oh well, I guess it's back to the 7" assembly....
I got rid of that old leaky petcock. Machined an NPT adaptor plate and installed a new petcock and filter. Much better!


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Took it to a vintage Japanese bike show.
Mine's the black one. Always a work in progress. Rattle canned the base paint the night before.
The XS360 beside it got all the attention....
I have always found the stock and original bikes get the most looks. Every time I take my 79 out someone stops my with questions. Not much on the other bikes.
Yeah. He put a lot of work into that one. All new paint and decals, left caliper addition, said something about a custom machined needle jet, engine cases done, sourced everything down to the rubber caps over the passenger peg bolts.
My 82 came with enough damage and rust that half the bike would need to be replaced to come close to show condition but my wife and I have been looking at getting our XS360 redone in stock colours and close to that level of finish. Might go for the blue and white european scheme.
Installed a toggle switch under the tank in order to eliminate the key switch. Pretty happy with how this turned out. I had to gut the ignition switch when I first got the bike because it came with no keys. No more pulling keys, knives or screwdrivers out of my pocket to turn off the bike!
Went for s 30 mile blast last weekend. Bike running great.
Stopped to fill up tank near home and noticed the headstock nut was missing.
So went home checked helmet cam and went back to find it.
I walked 400 yards one way along the road and 400 back and found it.
Still looking good and no damage to the chrome.
I know the bikes vibrate but this is crazy.