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Who owns a home Tire Changer?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Specdog, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Specdog

    Specdog XS400 Addict

    I'm fed up with paying extra cash to mount my online tire purchases at motorcycle shops. I'm an old dirt bike guy and have changed tires with hand tools many many times. I can't do that anymore because it causes me back pain that lasts for days. I'm researching cheap tire changers, specifically the one sold at Harbor Freight. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they easy on the back to use? Are they suitable for maybe two or three changes a year?
  2. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    I've watched several videos on youtube demonstrating the harbor freight tire changer. I'd go for it; it looks good to me and it's a simple tool. There really isn't anything to break. The effort to use it is minimal as far as changing a tire goes and you can pretty much stand up straight while you use it.

    Check out some of those videos for yourself. I find youtube has the best reviews. A lot of negative written reviews on the site are often idiots that don't read the product descriptions before buying and get disappointed when their cheap tool won't perform magic tricks.
  3. Specdog

    Specdog XS400 Addict

    Yeah, Youtube why didn't I think of that. I watched a couple in use. One guy was awkward using it and would give me back pain if I did it like him.
  4. Scorpio1963

    Scorpio1963 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Im in the same specdog with it causing me severe back pain I end up paying the shops to do it for me.Granite it only cost me $25 to have it done but to me its worth it so I don't have to suffer.my neighbor has this old antque tire changer that uses air pressure but its been sitting for so long it would need a restore to get going properly again.Luckily I have only the rear tire to change for this years riding season.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2014
  5. Tombo

    Tombo XS400 Addict

    I'm waiting still for the investment to come through, but I have sights set on new rubber. I've considered various options, including the harbor freight machine and low prices on free shipped tires, but savings for me to do it myself begins after installing 3 sets of tires. if I pull the wheels and bring to my LBS, they will install the tires free with purchase of tires, which is more expensive after three sets.... But I like supporting local small business when I can
  6. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    It's never going to be completely effortless unless you spend many thousands on a professional machine.

    Don't forget the time and travel expenses involved in having someone else change tires for you. Gas isn't free and even if you don't need an appointment the whole process takes longer and is more annoying than doing it yourself right there in the garage.
  7. filterx

    filterx XS400 Enthusiast

  8. KenHMT

    KenHMT XS400 New Member

  9. JimVonBaden

    JimVonBaden "Cool Aide"

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