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Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice on the standard exhaust downpipes, (headers) fitted to 1980 xs250/400 models.
Are they double skinned?, like the small Honda Twins, If not, has anyone fitted pattern replacements?, and are these any good, I'm restoring my bike, and don't have any, to check, Do I go looking for a nice used OE pair, or buy the new pattern part, from my previous experience, single-skin pattern header pipes 'blue' up, and don't look great, within no time at all. Cheers Garry

Yes the original header pipes are double skinned, theres 2 types depending on the model of bike you have, pics attached of the inner design



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Which bike are you restoring? im in Elgin so not as far as many here from you! just finishing a restore of a XS250c economy model myself.

Theres a set of NOS downpipes in Germany on Ebay currently and some usable second hand ones with the same seller
Hi There, I'm restoring a 1980 xs250, 3N6, It's my fathers bike (passed), 1-owner from new, But check out the photo, it was stripped down, and left outside, then in a damp shed for 40years, I know it's not the most valuable bike in the world, But, It has to be to be done, Like many of my previous bike projects, you start gathering the nos bits together, before you get your teeth into the rebuild, powder coating etc, Thanks for that bit of info, it helps a lot, Do you think the pattern german pipes are double skin?
I can't tell , they would certainly do the job, Cheers Garry
nice wee bike, 1 owner from new is very unusual, shame it got so rusty but that will clean up nicely. I bought a pair of pattern header pipes many years ago but the were single skin, not sure about the more recent versions. I have 1 NOS right hand header pipe i can sell you if your interested, im afraid i dont have any spare Left hand ones though. this was the 250C when it first arrived, rather sorry for itself but making progress finally. back to original nick. View attachment 37826


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Well done mate, It's great to see what can be done with a lot of searching, time, and effort, I remember the 250C when it first came out, the unusual way the wheels were spoked, was the most obvious thing, If you give me a price for the RH downpipe, I will keep this in mind, finding a nos LH side might be a bit harder to locate, than a pair of pattern ones though, Cheers Garry