XS400 Hardtail Kit (Universal kit)


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Updated: 2/13/24
XS400 Hardtail Kit (Universal kit)


Hey guys! I’m now offering universal hardtail kits that can be used to hardtail your XS400. These are do-it-yourself kits giving you more flexibility with the final look of your bike. The kits I'm offering are different from the others you may see out there in many ways. The "legs" on the main tubes are longer allowing many more possibilities in your frame design. You can create almost any drop and up to a 6" stretch (or more depending on your design). Two of the tubes can be cut just after the bend to make it work with the XS400 triple backbone. My kits use DOM tubing which is stronger and more uniform than ERW tubing (also twice as expensive). Google DOM vs ERW if you are not familiar with the differences. You can also choose from a variety of axle plate styles instead of being limited to one style, and 17mm axle plates are available to match the rear XS400 axle diameter. These kits are the best value out there.

I've found that a lot of people want to build their own hardtail and have the skills and a welder, but don't have a proper tubing bender. This kit takes care of that and will also save you time in finding DOM tubing and axle plates.

Kits are available with 1" DOM, 1-1/8" DOM, and 1-1/4" tubing. All sizes are 1020 mild steel with a .120" wall thickness. Most people use 1" tubing for XS400s.

The kits include 4 pieces of bent tubing, 3 cross tubes, 2 sleeves (slugs), and a set of 3/8" laser-cut axle plates.

There are many different combinations of axle plates to choose from. The axle plates come in three main styles: A, B, and C.
See: Chopper Axle Plates (Hardtail Axle Plates) for all of the available combinations and options for your axles plates.


1" hardtail kit with your choice of axle plates - $139.95

1-1/8" hardtail kit with your choice of axle plates - $149.95

1-1/4" hardtail kit with your choice of axle plates - $149.95

Shipping to the lower 48 states is now free! For other locations, go to https://www.chopsource.com/hardtail-kits.html and add what you want to the shopping cart. Click checkout then enter your country and postal code to display shipping options.

The usual disclaimers apply:
Use at your own risk. Buyer is responsible for knowing their local laws and regulations on the legality of using this product. Trav, LLC cannot be held liable for any damages, injury, or death from the use of this product.

Also, no instructions are included! If you need instructions, lack the necessary fabrication skills and tools, or are not a competent welder, you probably shouldn't be hardtailing your own frame. :D

Email me at sales@chopsource.com with any questions.

Thanks!! :bike:

To order, go to www.chopsource.com.
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Nice kit, good price, right advice, hope you get plenty of orders .. :thumbsup:
i've been looking for a good kit for awhile now.. my brother's the welder so i'll have to see if he's up for it, will you ship to vancouver canada?
Do you have any pics of one of these kits on a xs400 kind of a how to series of pictures?Also would you know a good way of doing this without a frame jig ? Or are you planing to make weld on hardtails kits or willing to take my frame and do a how to with it and make yourself a fixture with it so you can make prewelded hardtails? If interested sent me a pm and I will give you my phone number. I live in LaCrosse wi. Thanks Vic
Hey travis,
Do you make extended swingarms? If not would you? For how much too? I don't trust my welding skills yet.
Sorry guys... Not at the this time. Right now I'm just trying to get these do-it-yourself kits together and I do not have the time or space for more fabrication projects. In the future I hope be able to offer actual fabrication services but that won't be at least until this fall.

Vic, I just started selling these kit but I think hardtailed77 said he would take pictures as he went along. I'll also try to take some pictures of putting one on a bike but it won't be full how-to, just pictures of the build process. I have seen a couple of advertisements on Craigslist for shops that will install hardtails and PSW Customs says they will do them too, so that might be an option to look into if you can't do it yourself.

Sharps, I may be able to put together some do-it-yourself kits for extended swingarms, and swingarm braces are in the works, but again, not the actual fabrication services right now. Sorry.

I really wish I could be of more help guys!
Travis is correct....I do plan on taking plenty of photos along the way. Mine will be a little different in that my bike is already hardtailed, so I don't have the swingarm to measure off of as a usual build would have.

I am waiting to start until after I purchase a new welder, so I'm not sure when I will have the photos up.
Thanks for reply. I have been welding for years maintenance man 30yrs just don't really have money to make frame jig also not sure about a couple of things using your kit.Like where on bottom and top of frame your tube would be welded have not looked at my frame so excuse me if obvious.Is bike set level and tubes extend and stay level across bottom. Also do you just weld the tube on the outside of your plates or split tube and weld plate in middle of tube? So hardtailed77 when you do yours Please show some of these things.Maybe also some measurements from some center point. Thanks and I will be watching and waiting. I have to do this in another guys shop so don't want to tie his shop up long.
I can answer a few of your questions right out of the gate...from a "universal" standpoint.

1) Take a look at my build thread (Hardtailed77's re-build thread) and it will give you a general idea of what the frame looks like (sans hardtail of course). I will be welding the top rails in the same manner as the old set-up. The bottom rails will also be in the same fashion as before, except that they will be slugged this time around.

2) The main use for a jig is to keep things level and even. Some people say that a jig keeps the frame from warping from the heat of welding, but I don't see that happening entirely. It should minimize warpage though. A lot of people will build a steel jig that is adjustable and such, but for one bike, it isn't needed in my opinion. A simple jig is all you need uness you plan to mass build frames in the future.

3) You do want to notch the rails for the axle plates as you mentioned. I wouldn't suggest any other way. How deep you notch, etc. is a personal choice to me.

I won't be getting into the frame for at least another month (I go back to work this Wed. and don't return until the 30th.....damn towboat life! lol), but after that, I should be able to get started. I will keep you informed and also will be updating my build thread along the way.

Stick around Chev....you'll love it here!
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been lookin for information on the kind of steel of my xs fame and have not found anything untillnow. i have a few questions. is the frame also 1020 ms. or is that 1020 just a compatible match for welding. also whatmade u select the 120 wallover perhaps a 95 of thicker wall. not trying to dout you would just like to be educated on the subject. thanks.