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it's hard not to be a little offended at that but i see what you mean. My grandpa actually did go with me to check out the first bike. He Just cancelled on me and decided he wanted 1200. This new bike I saw he didn't know what was wrong with it and just kept adding to it. I guess I'll just try and save up some more cash and see what i can do

What I want is a bike I can ride until I get the cash to work on it. I know a few things but not that much. I have plans but I have a habit of getting ahead of myself so I jump around alot.
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new kid does have a point...
Personally I wouldn't sell a bike that isnt in perfect condition to someone with no sense of mechanics, out of fear they'll be back within a week demanding their money back over something trivial, like not being able to tighten the chain... 'cause seriously, its probably just tightening the chain adjusters on the back of the bike!
$800 doesnt sound like a bad deal on a 650 to me, even if it doesn't run 100% and the headlight and battery need to be replaced... Might need a little maintenance, cleaning the carbs etc, but every bike needs that once in a while!
if you want a perfect bike you're gonna have to spend more
if you want a 650 for $800 be prepared to do some work on it
Yeah I do see what he means. And you make a good point. I wish I had more but without a job I'm SOL. I guess I'll just cool my jets for awhile try and save what I can and continue to look for a job to get more.

Thank you guys for the heads up I understand what you mean

I guess I'm looking for the same deal I had on my old bike (450) and it ran well until it got smashed by a car
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the link you posted has a price of $400 on the bike...that would seem more like it...and the battery,headlight and basic tune up/maintenance is no big deal at that price.....check the teeth on the if it looks like a shark fin...that means chain and sprocket set...about $100 -$140 depending what you get.
if I had noticed it changed I totally wou;ld have gone for it. That sucks hardcore >.< Went down to a local cycle shop today I think I'm going to get a rebel learn some things on it and turn it into a bobber I saw a few pretty sick rebel bobbers. Just sucks I can't stick to the 400's or yamaha family but I'll still give it a couple weeks to see what pops up but I'm not waiting all summer for one well see what happens. Thanks for pointing it out skillz but I missed the chance -.-
i wanted to get back to you sooner to make sure i didn't offend you but, i am moving and incredibly busy. i just bought a house and we refinished the hardwood floors before begining our move and now i have to be out of my rental by next sunday . whew this sucks!!

anyway.i just bought my girl a 500 shadow so we can ride together!! so i am in no way a male chauvinist..i am sure you can ride having the dirt bike experience you do, so i hope you can find something to fill your needs!!!

i would not wait any longer than you have to though because i think the gas prices this summer are going to make bike prices rise more than normal!!!!
yeah gad is going to murder me lol. It's ok after reading back over it I really did see what you mean so no offence taken. Sorry about the move I know how bad that can be (minus hardwood floors) Nightmare lol. Yeah I checked out a shop that finances so I'm jusr going to put 800 down on a used rebel. only a thousand miles comes with a 3 month warranty and a new helmet (which after the wreck I need and I don't want to pay 200 for a new one) I don't get cheap helmets I'm always worried they will have a defect >.<

Anyway that's my plan unless an XS pops up before then. The same shop gets them in occaisionally and they come with a 3 month warranty which will be cool for any really bad stuff. The minor stuff I would just not tell them about and try and fix it myself if I can't oh well it was broke anyway lol and they'll fix it as long as they can't tell I opened it.

Thanks for the response Brat. Good luck with the move.