ZuluWarrior buying a 1984 XS400R - All stock


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Hi all

I'm just about to buy a stock 1984 XS400R (single front disc) with 37,400km. Only the exhaust has been redone I believe which is now stainless and chromed. It looks exactly like the one on this site with matching colours and decals: http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xs400r 84.htm

The bike had been standing for the past 8 years and one lady rider owned it for some years before. It runs and was serviced about 2 months ago. I saw it and I'm sure that it has the original tires too! Not a scratch or dent anywhere either. Apparently the owner kept it covered and out of the sun all the time so the paint doesn't look faded. The seller rode it to me from his house a few Ks away and I noticed that the motor was wanting to die on him when he came to idle but he adjusted the idle screw to keep the revs up. He said that it was having trouble idling for now because it had not been ridden for over a month even though he had serviced the carbs 2 months ago.

This will be my first bike and I'm in South Africa. This bike is almost a rare type around here so lets hope that nothing major breaks! Any suggestions/thoughts?

Happy riding :bike:

Welcome to the forum! As far as the idle is concerned it sounds like the carbs probably just need a really good cleaning and adjusting.
Thanks man. Yeah I think that the carb clean is all that's needed too. I'm going to fetch the bike this Saturday so I'll post some pics once it's at it new home.
Ya you will hear the more experienced guys around this forum saying all the time that these carbs have to be spotless to work correctly...looking forward to the pics :bike:
Yeah it's probably the carbs. Maybe there is rust in the tank working its way into the carbs and clogging the pilot circuits. Clean the carbs and tank, add and inline fuel filter, sync the carbs and see how it runs.