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    Should I change my timing chain?

    Does the engine have more than 30000 miles? If not, and if there is no noticeable wear its probably fine. I have rebuilt two xs400 motors, but with under 25K miles. Both burned oil prior to rebuild, and both stopped burning oil with a valve lap job and new rings. The timing chain install...
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    Hammer stock fenders?

    Stock fenders are just metal with a chrome finish. You can reshape by cutting, grinding, hammering, plasma cutting (even biting) them. Some builders fab cardboard into shapes as a mock-up to get it looking just right. The they transfer the shape to the fender with a magic marker and start...
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    This is my first time

    She looks real sharp, Hollywood! I know what it takes - you did a fine job on that one!!!
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    Question about wheel!

    The bearings on both wheels are housed in the hubs. Each axel is essentially a long bolt, and has no bearings. The process for wheel removal is covered in the on-line manual; plus check out YouTube videos to see the process and helpful hints. Use the center-stand and remove the rear tire...
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    Wont start, not even a cough.

    The bottom plug is the 'drain' per the book. The side port is OK, but you don't get 'all' the old oil out. Just refill to the right level and you will be fine until the next OC. Ride on, my brother! Posted via Mobile
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    Rpm takes forever to lower after pulling in clutch or letting off throttle

    With the starter spinning fast on the bench test, and slowly on the motorcycle, it leads me to believe the starter motor circuit is at fault. Two thoughts on this (1) the starter relay is has failed and needs to be replaced or (2) the heavy wire from the starter motor to the battery (or starter...
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    Wont start, not even a cough.

    Just a thought - have you tried starting fluid in the air intakes? I have used this on the occasions when it has been 4-5 weeks between starts with good results.
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    For Sale - Blue Job Chrome Polish

    Sure thing; how many do you want?
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Dec 2nd and it was 73F here in North I rode it like I stole it!
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    Fender / Rear Lamp Recommendations

    I have done something similar. I kept the rear seat support arch in place, but I did cut the rear fender mounts off the frame. I attached a full fender at the arch. I also added a 1-inch wide by 0.083-inch thick piece of steel strap between the frame members to provide an attachment point for...
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    For Sale - Front Fender

    Yes, I do still have the fender. It is in great shape.
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    Not Cleaned in 27-Months. Runs Great!

    Just a status update on my machine. I rebuilt my 81 carbs in Feb12. Since then, all I have done is ride the bike. I ride year-round. I run premium gas. And it has not missed a beat in 3100 miles. I pulled the bowls this weekend and they are spotless. Seems like regular operation is...
  13. Arclight88 T-shirt Presale! (Presale ends Monday July 22nd, 2013 at 11pm CST)

    Any carb shirts left in large or XL?
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Decided I wanted the additional range of the standard tank and installed the original back on the bike. Even got Donna to pose on it.
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    Comment by 'Arclight88' in media 'First ride of the season'

    Welcome to the site. Cool idea on your bike's motif. Great to see women supporting motorcycling. Ride safe!