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    Definitely a maxim. Worried how different the tune would be if you switched back to regular air box filter... might be an increase in airflow, might be a decrease.
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    Xs400 Maxim Engine Rebuild

    Hey all, Just wanted to post my about my success pulling the engine outa my bike. Crazy experience so far, better feeling of achievement than playing Zelda right now. Bought the bike used last year, had a full summer of riding before the bike started falling apart on me. Oil leaks, slipping...
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    1984 xs400 maxim help

    As for the battery cover, going to be a struggle to find these. Best bet is to frequent your local motorcycle scrap yard or classified for a non working maxim… sorry not much to go off
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    Maxim Starter Clutch Location

    I unno, but this repair is going to be wildly inconvenient lol
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    The dreaded starter clutch issue

    Any update on thi
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    -83 XS 400 Starter clutch

    Lol very late bump
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    Maxim Starter Clutch Location

    Bike was having starting issues last fall. Scratchy sounds when letting off the button, occasional stick, etc. I was prepping for a top end rebuild, but should a be preparing for a case split? How far into the engine would I have to go to replace the starter clutch?
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    Starter won't stop

    @MoonClipper which version 1pz did you pickup?
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    Xs400 engine job

    Same with Buddha, picked up some gaskets from the same vendor. Probably should pick up some rings myself...
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    Starter won't stop

    Thanks for your reply Kitchi! Think the solenoid was stuck? I took it out and diagnosed it alone. It was switching correctly when I tested it. Or maybe I unstuck it while I was testing, I unno. Anyways, appears to be working now. Gonna start looking into updating this old tube fusebox...
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    Starter won't stop

    Had trouble starting my bike figured "hey I should start with the battery." Lo and behold it started amazing. But I heard some weird tumbling noises, so I hit kill but the starter was still pushing on. Had to unscrew the battery, sparky mess. How'd I mess this up? What is wrong?
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    OEM toolkits

    That's pretty cool! Still deciding whether I should restore or mod my maxim. Question! Saw on some part diagrams that this actually fits around the bottom of the bike somewhere, is this the case?
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    Screw length sizes

    This site was the answer I was looking for, thanks Jared!
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    Screw length sizes

    Hi everyone, Looking to replace all the mismatched rusty bolts on my bike from the previous owner. The OG manual has the thread specs but no lengths. Anyone know where to find those?