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    Front caliper issue

    There is a small port in the master cylinder I believe called a splooge hole to equalize the pressure when the brake lever is released. There are threads re this on the forum just don't know how to link them. Worth checking out. Had same problem. Had to replace MC
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    Time to clean!

    I did my tank a few years ago with "Kream tank liner". I first cleaned and etched the tank with muriatic acid (diluted with water), let soak for some time, then rinsed with acetone. The Kream solution is quite thick, similar to maple syrup, so be patient. slowly rotate tank in all directions...
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    For Sale - 82 XS400 Parting out

    I'm interested in the instrument cluster assuming it all works. Is it still available, how much $ and can it be shipped to Ontario Canada?
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Hey Lou Haven't been on here for a while and had no idea you went down. Glad to hear your (sort of) OK. Hope your going to get back on the horse at some point. I still need a riding partner when I venture into your neck of the woods. And slow down next time you crazy ass kid. :bike:
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    does 83 maxim 400 have a kickstand shut off?

    ya my 83 maxim does.
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    For Sale - '84 Maxim xs400

    Hey Lou, Congrats on the upgrade. Be sure to send us some pics of the new ride. If your going to linger on the site for a while keep a watch out for our next group ride. Your always welcome to join in. You just may have to pull over once in while so the rest of us can catch up;-)):bike:
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    insurance rates in Ontario, Canada

    Ya I think age and years licenced makes a difference. I`m 49, full M licence for approx. 25 years although have only ridden for 3 of the 25 years. TD insurance $325 per year. They do also have my house and 2 other vehicles.
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    thielb's 82 Maxim restoration

    I got mine from my local Yamaha dealer. Mine is a 83 Maxim. Yamaha part # 4x8-w0057-00. I think it was around $60 for piston and seal. Seal only was $20 but I went for the full kit. I also had a sticky brake problem and it turned out to be a master cylinder issue. Plugged splooge hole. Hope this...
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    LED Brake Lights! (Pictures and Poll!)

    Ya I've been thinking of going LED as well. Dave: how did you salvage enough power to supply those extra lights. I want to install two small 55w running lights yet can't see switching to LED saving enough to make up for the extra draw. Does the HID headlight draw less than the stock bulb?
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    Xs400 adventure! Gear anyone?

    I've also thought about doing an overnight camping ride but haven't put as much thought into as you guys. Don't plan on going too far away and if the weather is that bad or too cold the trip can wait for another time. Interesting thread. I'm getting some ideas for my Christmas list.
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    Did you removed your center stand?

    I use my centre stand quite often. Changing oil, oiling chain or even cleaning. Gives you better access to the left side of the bike when it's not leaning on the side stand. And although a motorcycle jack will do the same thing it's convenient to have it as part of the bike in the event you need...
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    Southern Ontario Get Together

    Hi Guys, As much as I enjoyed our last get together I won't be there. Not only am I not available but like Ugly Duckling I too find it a little cold this late in the year. If your planning one for the spring I'll be there. Hope the weather is on your side.
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    xschris's guitars

    Thought I'd add my small collection to the list. 1982 Yamaha acoustic (cant beat the sound of a well aged acoustic) sort of like an old bike. Epiphone (Gibson) SG. Fender acoustic/electric cut away. Hamer electric, cheep but has a nice sound. Should be playing more now the bike season is done
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    Got my exit today!!

    Good for you. Ill bet your happy to have that behind you. Glad to hear the U.D. is running strong. See you at the next get together.
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    Southern Ontario Get Together

    Just took a couple of pictures. Here's 1600cc's of raw power.