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    1/4” collet rotary tools???

    Sooo yeah I was searching the wrong thing the key word is FLEX SHAFT!!!!! Foredom tool has a great selection of tools Chris yes I under stand that im just looking at smoothing out the shape on the intake and...
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    1/4” collet rotary tools???

    I’m starting this thread because Im in the process of polishing the head of the bike using my Dremel. Then decide to start porting and polishing the head. How ever I can’t reach the inside of the bowls w/ my Dremel. East wood sells a port and polish mandrill kit how ever it requires a 1/4”...
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    Vroom's 79 Build Thread- scrambler/brat?

    Def I’m starting mine shortly had to pull the transmission so I’m dressing the whole motor up :shrug::bike:
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    Transmission reassembly

    Buz I’m not sure how to do that I didn’t know I could put it in a category like that. How do I post something in a specific category?
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    Transmission reassembly

    hey guys I am starting this tread cause I didn’t find much on it other then people finding broken gears. This however is on reassembly of the lower end, more specifically the transmission. After breaking down the entire transmission in order to replace the crank case due to a broken kick start...
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    Swapping out lower end of crank case

    Word so in answer to my own question. I pulled myself outa my mini panic attack and opened one of the many manuals on the bike I have. Genius... I know So my book spells it out quite clearly here’s a pic for those w/o a book
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    Swapping out lower end of crank case

    Yeah I have a full set thanks for noticing Mike I’d post a pic but I don’t want to unwrap it yet it’s still wrapped up and protected from the powder coater
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    Swapping out lower end of crank case

    hey hey moto monsters I’m resorting a 78 E. I needed to replace the crank case long story short the kick start ripped off the bike.... So I have a used crank case fresh outa the oven gloss black. I’m swapping the trans out of the old unit into the new one. I was able to run through the gears...
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    striped down the bike, pulled motor, and washed the frame.
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    400 cafe slow build

    Yo off topic buuuuutaaaa is that an old Carola or a Mitsubishi hiding out behind your xs???
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    81 Heritage Special to cafe racer build

    I like what your up to, I gotta ask where you are hiding your battery?? I have not found a non liquid cell battery for my 78 xs400. I was going to modify my battery box to fit the the nearest size non liquid cell. just need to stretch out the box a bit but I never thought about changing its...
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    Liquid or gel cell batteries

    I just wanted to start a discustion on Gel Cell Batteries I was looking to gut one last season however it seems no one makes one that fits in the battery box on 78 xs400e. I have entertained ideas of modding my box because I found one that meets the height clearances of the seat yet it is to...
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    Fuel Tank Bolt

    I tried the hardware store route it didnt fit right. the Bolt would not fully tighten. The bolt and washers are items you can find at a dealer unlike many parts they are still available. The washer is a simple lock washer so the hardware store will suffice however the bolt is a specific length...
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    Idle Increases significantly after bike warms up.

    witch way is ritch and lean??
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    For Sale - random left over xs400 parts from a 78 and 81

    hey do you have a dip stick ??? and do you still have the mufflers in??