air filter

  1. Kutay

    Problem installing air intake rubbers

    Hello, I am working on ym XS400 just like a lot people here. I already rebuilt the mechanical parts twice, it was a dead bike and I am trying to revive it. It is now running, whoop whoop. I am stuck on a small maybe funny problem. I cant get the rubber parts that connect the carburetor to the...
  2. N

    New foam air filter

    Hi, I have a question about installing a new foam into the box filter. I have cleaned out the old original foam and scraped the glue residue on the sides. My question is do I have to glue on the new foam filter? Also, do I oil the UNI foam or not? On the service manual, it says it shouldn't...
  3. T

    Peacock on Prime, now idle too high and Air filter full of fuel

    Hi guys! First, I wanna say that I love this forum. I have my first bike and you guys helped me a lot through all the threads. Aright I have a XS400 RL 84 (Seca). It works well and I'm turning it in something nice! I empty all the old oil, put new in, did 100 km, changed the filter and...
  4. C

    air filter foam and jetting.

    Hello all. I have a 1979 2f that runs pretty well. But has had a flat spot at the end of the pilot to needle transition. Now...the p.o used some kind of lighter density foam on the filter cages as he probably saw what oem cost.... bIke has stock exhaust and pamco. I have cleaned many...
  5. J


    So get this: I drove to work one day, everything was fine and dandy. I park my bike and see that I am missing my left Air Filter. Awesome. It separated between the rubber H-Pipe insert and the metal collar that grips into it. Called my wife, asked her to retrace my route. Thank Valhalla she...
  6. G

    Got my maxim up and running, what do I need for maintenance?

    Doing maintenance on my '83 XS400...just got it so I'm new to motorcycles! I'm a heavy duty mechanic so I understand the workings, but I don't have a manual, so I wanted to check, does anyone know the part number of the required oil filter, a air filter? I've drained the float bowls and ran...
  7. G

    For those running a stock air box....

    Could someone running a stock airbox let me know if I have all the internals to use my air box (from an '82 Maxim)? If I do have everything, can someone explain how it goes back together? This is what was in the box when I bought the bike:
  8. D

    How to get carbs back on?

    So, any advice on reinstalling carbs? It's a '82 XS400 Maxim. It's the usual scenario (fiasco?) that I can't slide the air filter housing back more than 1/8" because it's backed up against the rear fender and the unishock, and the carbs don't have clearance to fit in. I found a video advising...