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    XS400 front fender bolts

    Hello. I got an 1981 xs400 that came with no front fender. I purchased an aftermarket fender that I love the look of but I need to find the bolts to attach it. I don't live close to a motorcycle shop and was wondering what size the bolts were and if I could get them from the hardware store
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    Wanted - WTB XS400 Chrome Front Fender

    Back over a year ago, I was in a small accident on my bike (no injury, 0% fault) which caused a slight crack to procure on the left side of the front fender (ahead of the forks) that I believe to possibly be getting worse here over time. Thus, just in case, I was curious if anyone actually had...
  3. freiesss

    Make Offer - 1982 XS400 Parts (Post 1 of 2)

    All parts are in good condition. (This is post 1 of 2) Please PM me to make offer. Thank you!