gas cap

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    Fixes for a leaky gas cap.

    I have a 1983 Yamaha XS400 SECA. I don't ever overfill the tank. But I noticed that when leaning the bike on tighter turns gas would dribble through the tank gas cap and run down the side of my tank. Now, I wasn't surprised by this. It's a 40 year old bike so I can only assume that some of...
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    Xs400 repairs

    Have an '80-'81 xs400 and just wondering if anyone would happen to have any links or know where I can get a rethreading repair kit for the spark plug ports and a gas cap rubber gasket?
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    Keyless Gas Cap

    Hello, New 1978 XS400E VIN 2L0 owner here. This bike was in the middle of a cafe racer rebuild when I picked it up and came with a keyless ignition but a keyed gas cap. I'm looking for a keyless gas cap but can only locate ones that screw in and mine is not threaded. Does anyone know either...
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    Fuel Cap for XS400S

    So I have been looking for a XS400SJ/XS400SG fuel caps because they are different than XS400. Through my research, I came to a realization that XS650S fuel caps fit the XS400S. I have found one on Ebay, but I believe they have the OEM# wrong. The OEM# they have specified is for a small rubber...
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    Lookin for '77 new key set

    Bought a '77. All the locks have been defeated. I can turn them with a screwdriver no prob. This is fine while I am still working on the bike to get it running, but by the time it's ready I don't want anyone with a screwdriver to be able to take it! I don't want to bypass locks with a hidden...
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    Fuel tank / gas cap id

    Hi, I bought a gas cap (below), but the distance between the tank mounting screw and the tank plug is about 3mm too short, then ignoring that issue the distance between the plug and catch is about 4mm too short. My bike has a unknown past and many minor mods, but for future reference do I...