1. Zippo

    Valves and bike identification

    Hello! Im getting mad valve clatter out of my right cylinder. Its not as bad as it once was. I adjusted the valves per the manual but going down the wormhole on the forums I now am wondering what engine I have. The title says 82' and I have adjustable valves so that should mean SOHC right? But...
  2. T

    What the heck is this bike???

    So I just picked up my very first bike today for free from an older lady whose husband passed some time back. She said it had sat in the yard for a number of years since his passing. She had no idea where the key or title for it was, or even what model year it is. I found two identical 9 digit...
  3. M

    help me id this cable near clutch

    I replaced the handlebars on my 1981 but in doing so a cable next to the new clutch cable came apart.... I dont know what it is to know if I can purchase a new one or if it is able m to reconnect how it is currently. Basically I don't know much of anything about this bike... or any. It is my...