1. E

    New turn signals wont flash, just stay solid.

    Hi, so here's my problem, I recently installed new indicators on my 1980 XS400G, everything is hooked up properly and works, except for one huge problem, the indicators wont flash. They just stay solid when ever I switch on either the left or right side. I have done some research and I think I...
  2. J

    Flasher relay / blinker switch question

    I just stepped into a new world. I purchased an '81 xs400 Special last week. This is my first bike and it needs a little love. First step in the project is to put blinkers back on it. I had to purchase a new relay as the original owner ripped the old one out. With the new relay in I still...
  3. Liamrdv

    Xs1100 actually

    I'm posting in here for my xs11 for this is where I've gotten the most help. Anyhow, I picked up a 79 xs11 a while back, it's missing the keys and I've been trying to Hotwire it (I have the ownership papers just haven't spent the money on a new key or ignition yet) , but I'm pretty dumb when it...
  4. jsnyder11

    Make Offer - 80 xs400 special side covers, turn signals, tail light and back rest

    Set of red side covers with badges and turn signals with all wires and all work. Also have original tail light, and chrome passenger back rest with seat. Need them gone!
  5. B

    Type of Bulb for 1978 xs400 low beam

    Hey Guys, Brendan here. I have been lurking on the threads since I picked up my a 1978 xs400 from my neighbor. Everything is running pretty well and I am excited to learn from this community for some future projects. Does anyone know the correct type of bulb to order for a 1978 XS400...
  6. U

    Brake lights causing charging system failure?

    I was about to do the rewire for the charging system but my friend talked me into doing more tests. The charging system passed all of the tests. Except actually charging. I replaced the voltage regulator and it started charging but not much. The PO put in some pretty shoddy fuse holders and we...
  7. P

    Need help with new signal lights

    Hi all! i'm having a I little trouble understanding my new signal lights. my problem is I bought some new signal lights from dime city cycles. im positive I hooked them up correct but when I turn then signal switch left or right the new lights either stay on constantly or blink very slowly...
  8. JPaganel

    Present state of my XS

    This is what it looks like right now, front and rear. Lights are updated to something more modern, functional, and better looking, gauges are new (old ones crapped out). It's wearing some cheap grocery-getter bags, not the nicest looking things, but functional. If anyone has suggestions on...
  9. JPaganel

    LED light bulbs in dash

    I bought these LED bulbs. I wanted to test-fit them to see if I got it right. I did, the indicator and backlight bulbs in the XS gauges are 9mm bayonet mounts. There isn't an interchange listed that I could find, but...