1. L

    1984 xs400 maxim help

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so I apologize in advance if these questions are stupid. I have an 84 xs400 maxim. I have to change out the clutch friction plates and maybe the steel plates as well, but I'm unsure of where the best place to find them are. As well as this, im having some...
  2. SoraXS400

    Missing Piece for Plastics?

    I am repainting the gas tank (going well :)) and looking at all the plastics removed, I seemed to have lost the connecting points for the plastics? Here's the piece that's missing on my bike.
  3. bentwrench

    How to restore sun damaged plastic bits.

    One word: Penetrol. I read about it here: And thought about my headlight housing and gauge housing. So I picked some up. Step one: Apply with a rag. Step two: Wait 5 minutes. Step three: Remove with a fresh...