1. The Wang

    Electrical issue?

    I replaced the starter solenoid, and fuses. Now the neutral/brake/oil indicators don't light up, and it wont turn over with the electric starter. I tried kicking it but couldnt get it going (I sprayed fuel into the carb throats, and then straight into the cylinder) Any help appreciated
  2. H

    1982 XS400s Won't Start

    So I'm working on an old project bike my brother gave me. I put a brand new battery in and attached the starter motor directly to make sure it cranked, and it did, but then i hooked up the starter to the solenoid and hooked up the battery as usual. Now when I hit the start button on the...
  3. B

    XS400 Starting problem solenoid or switch??

    Putting together an '81 XS400 barn find that was in a thousand pieces (most of all now in the right place), re-wired and ready to go, having an issue with starter, first thought was solenoid, so no have new one, still nothing thinking starter motor, all fine (hot wired to battery +/-, turned...
  4. B

    Electrical/Battery/Engine Won't Turn Over?

    Looking for some help. The saga starts two years ago: I was really happy scooting around on my 81 XS400 Special. I rode it for about 6 months... it idled pretty high, but for the most part, it ran just fine. It didn't have an electric starter button, but I rigged one up that worked great. On a...