1. S

    What Chain Do You Use?

    So I got a 1982 Xs400 Heritage. The current chain and I would assume original one on the bike now is a DID50DS. But I cant seem to find someplace to buy a new one anywhere because its discontinued. I have also tired finding a DID50HDSS but still no luck. I have seen from googling that people say...
  2. R

    Wider rear tire?

    Hello guys, I have a 1981 Yamaha XS400SE and I want to change the sprockets and chain. I read around here that the DOHC models have a offset sprocket to fit a wider rear tire. I am interested in fitting a wider tire and don't really know what sprockets to buy. Do they both need the same...
  3. Mannix

    Ka-clunk! Now the chain is jammed and slack!

    1983 SOHC Maxim I'm making a left turn from stopped at a light. I start rolling in first and shift to second right before getting into the turn. I hear clinking and then ka-clunk as I'm letting out the clutch, maybe I was a little quick letting it out, but not much. I hear a rattling...
  4. A

    sprocket yamaha xs400L 1984

    hola jovenes nuevamente molestando, y consultando + a los dueños de sta bella moto, segun he leido n internet la cadena de mi moto s de paso 530, pero sta diseñada para modelos realmente grandes, he leido k ha ste tipo d moto c le instalo por motivo d ingenieria y k si lo utiliza s xk el...
  5. 87cody

    Cannot get sproket to seat on hub.

    Just re-laced my 16" rear wheel and I cannot get the new sprocket (or even the old one) to seat all the way down on the plastic washers. There is a machined groove in the back of the sprocket and it looks as it if fits over the hub studs. I cannot get mine to fit over them, it leaves the...