throttle cable xs400

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    Ape Hangers! Cable length? Stock cable length?

    Hey guys! I am new to the forum. I am installing 12 inch ape hangers and I am looking for answers on length for the cables. what length should I use? Where to get them? And also if someone could tell me what lengths are the stock cables? I just want to do it right the first time. The internet...
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    Replacing throttle, OEM cable necessary?

    New to the forum and am unaware of the format, so I apologize in advance for anything being confusing. I need to buy a new throttle cable for my maxim as the elbow joint is cracked a little and does not do a great job of holding the cable/cable housing in place. I was wondering if I could just...
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    Wanted - Looking for throttle cable bracket

    Hi guys, I'm putting the finishing touches on a 1982 DOHC XS400R and I found I'm missing a part. I don't have the small bracket that connects the end of the throttle sleeve and the choke sleeve to the top of the carbs and I don't have a way to make one cheaply or quickly. It's the part in the...
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    so i just bought a 1983 XS400 recently. My dad and I were putting it on a trailer when we accidentally broke the throttle cable and haven’t had any luck whatsoever finding a replacement cable, if anyone has any idea of a place we could order one from that would be greatly appreciated.